10 ways to piss off your new uni housemates

10 ways to piss off your new uni housemates

1) Wake up in the middle of the night & ‘accidentally’ urinate around the toilet.
2) Cook something in someone else’s pan & leaving it to get hard and mouldy
3) Eat someone’s last Jaffa Cakes, eggs, bit of butter, pop tarts, steak slices or bread
4) Come home drunk, put music on & fall asleep
5) Bring home shit loads of other mates, without telling anyone
6) Don’t pay your half of the bills & than go on a night out
7) Leave the gas ring on for half a day.
8) Throw a tea bag at the wall just above the bin after every cup.
9) Turn the heating on and open your bedroom window.
10) Never put the bins out.


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