It costs nearly £1bn a year to clean this up… yet we all do it!

It costs nearly £1bn a year to clean this up… yet we all do it!

We see people throw rubbish on the sides of Motorways, in car parks, around parks etc all the time and don’t get us started on dog poo and dog poo bags (and we have dogs).

If we all stopped being lazy and just kept rubbish until we got home before throwing it away it could save us (the tax payers) a few quid a year.

Amazingly Keep Britain Tidy campaign spend £10,000,000 every year on promoting the idea of cleaner streets, not really sure what they do with that money but you can order posters etc to put up in your area from their website (albeit at cost now, used to be free).

What do you think of this video? Should we all start doing this?

The full image:
Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 14.13.04

Statistics from Telegraph

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