How to get someone to like you without spending a penny

How to get someone to like you without spending a penny

I was talking to Nick Morgan, author of “Power Cues“. When he was younger he had an accident which changed his brain. He could no longer tell how people were reacting to him.

So he made a lifelong study of body actions and what they mean.

For instance, he told me. “If you want people to like you, then very subtly mirror all of their moves. If they cross their legs, cross your legs a few seconds later. If they wipe their forehead, wipe your forehead.”

“Won’t they notice?” I asked.

“No,” he said, “People are too focused on themselves to consciously notice what you are doing. That’s why you have an edge.”

“Then,” he said, “after 15 minutes, reverse it.

“You wipe your forehead first. See if they then wipe theirs. You start leading the actions. If they start following you it means they like you and will start to follow your suggestions.” – James Altucher

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