10 killer cots on the loose!

10 killer cots on the loose!

This cot (Baumhaus Nutkin) was sold between 2010-2013, over 200 were sold however not all of them were recalled (sent back for a refund) meaning there are 10 of these technically still out there.

Two serious incidents with toddlers nearly suffocating / effectively hanging themselves have happened, it’s very distressing but it would be worse if it happens again.

Appearing in court on behalf of Baumhaus Limited, Richard Dickens (Director) was told he could face up to 12 months behind bars or a fine of up to £20,000 for the offences, the company was later fined £12,000 and he was given a 3 month suspended prison sentence.

This video gives a clear reason why it’s important that the other 10 cots are found and destroyed

The problems with the cot are as follows:

  • Risk of children trapping their head and neck in the gaps at the top (see image).
  • Children’s clothes could get caught on the sides of the bed where there is a snagging hazard.
  • A child’s legs or arms could become trapped between the end slat of the drop-down side of some products sold.
  • Children’s fingers could become caught in the drill holes.

This is the extact bed in question (note the large end pieces) please note they have now made changes to the bed design to make it safe

Amazingly at time of writing the bed (or possibly the newer version, with the wrong image) is available for sale at £564

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