[Explicit] How marketing teams CASH IN on puberty, low self esteem and girls desperate need to feel loved

WARNING: Weirdly sexual content, watch with caution.

Few of the lyrics:

“I also hope that you don’t see through
This cleverly constructed ruse
Designed by a marketing team
Cashing in on puberty and low self-esteem
And girls’ desperate need to feel loved

I’m in magazines full of model teens, so far above you
So read them and hate yourself, and pay me to tell you I love you
And the parents will always come along, because their little girl is in love. And how could love be wrong? How could love be wrong? When you Repeat stuff.”

If you prefer the live version:

A few comments from the last time we posted, read them all.

A few comments from the last time we posted, read them all.

Thanks to Bo Burnham

Your thoughts on the subject?

Do you think it’s true? or just rubbish? Would you teach your child about these sort of things?


Do you think these marketing companies knowingly exploit children to sell music?

Eating Disorders Costing UK Economy £8bn


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