New Scam: Branded Warehouse Clothing Sale

New Scam: Branded Warehouse Clothing Sale

Just like the idiots that did the ‘Total Wipeout Scam 2016‘ this scam appears to be doing exactly the same thing.

They get people to become interested in an event (often in major uni cities across the country, that just so happen to be around the same date, normally during freshers week). Then near the time of the event they change the name of the event, normally to a student related party event in the hope that the original likers have forgotten the original event details and will go to the new event or their friends will see they’re interested and join.


They do this because nobody is going to get excited about their ‘crappy’ small student event in 6-9 months time but if they’ve got 500-15,000 people interested in a fake event then it’s easier for them to get others to actually visit. What is more worrying is these scammers often will sell these pages on to other scammers or other event organisers who may do lots more with your information than just trying to trick you into their student event.

Such a shame these event owners have to go this low, it makes the industry look even worse!

Thanks to Sophie for bringing this to our attention, we’ve reached out for comment from the page owner and will update if we’re either wrong or they defend their events.

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