The £8,000 cost of dropping a piece of orange peel

The £8,000 cost of dropping a piece of orange peel

Luke Gutteridge ate an orange, he put the peel in the bin but dropped a small piece on the floor.

A council enforcement officer fined Luke £75 even after the offending piece of peel was picked up by Luke and put in the bin.

Luke refused the fine but had to go to court over the matter (with estimated costs of £8,000) the magistrates in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, accepted his defence that littering is only an offence if there is proof the person intended to leave it.

The case was dropped. What a bloody waste of time and money. If he was chucking bags of rubbish all over the town or fly tipping then yes prosecute the guy but surely this is over kill?

Article via Metro News

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