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Remember these (11 pages) from 8am tomorrow online!

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Unpopular opinion: Most UK Christmas Markets are overpriced scams and should be avoided at all costs. Are we wrong? 🎄 £16 for two hot chocolates... 🎄 Cheap sausage in a roll for £8... 🎄 £10 per person (£8 kids) for the big wheel... 🎄 £7 for mulled wine cup... 🎄 Christmas Ornament shops replaced with Garden Furniture Shops... No pricing on display at some stalls... Or are we just getting old and miserable? 😂

Likes: 741 Comments: 135 Shares: 4
750g Toblerone Milk Chocolate Bars £7 (was £16.04) + part of the buy 4 and get 5% off promotion

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Oral-B Pro 3 - 3900 - Black & Pink £49.50 with code ORALB + spend £60 on electrical beauty and get £10 in points!
1) Buy
2) Consider buying another item from (to get your spend above £60) for an extra £10 in points
3) Enter code ORALB
4) Remember Star Buys > and Xmas 3 for 2 as well >

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Bargain at £4.50 delivered (with Prime) Prestone Screen Wash Concentrate, makes up to 50 Litres of Screenwash, protects to -18C when used neat

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This Olaplex dupe from Aldi will be live 8am Sunday morning or in-store from the 8th (ad)
Lacura Bonded Shampoo £3.49 (250ml)
Conditioner Bonded Shampoo £3.49 (250ml)
Lacura Bonded Pre-Wash Hair £3.49 (100ml)

Likes: 107 Comments: 291 Shares: 18

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