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#ad - Grab the Hotel Chocolat Velvetiser for just £69.95 when you sign up to VIPME (A free account on their website)
1) Register or login to VIPME >
2) Buy with the £30 off voucher/discount (other colours are available
3) Bath in chocolate 24/7 (optional but recommended)

Likes: 26 Comments: 26 Shares: 2
They're back! Click the '42% off voucher' to get these for just £8.81 a pair! Works on a few of the colours/sizes.

Likes: 62 Comments: 44 Shares: 4
NOW LIVE TODAY (7TH) ONLY - Please let any of your friends and family that work for the NHS know about this offer. FREE Starbucks Tall Drink (December 7th) Nationwide for ALL NHS staff in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland when they show their ID

Likes: 948 Comments: 5852 Shares: 10296
Ideal Xmas Gift - Anker Life P2i True Wireless Earbuds just £15.29!

Likes: 18 Comments: 8 Shares: 1

Normally ~£18 but now down to £10 (or less with S+S)

Likes: 51 Comments: 35 Shares: 3

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