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Our TikTok on this went semi-viral so there has been hardly any stock of free vouchers available but if you're quick around midnight each night they launch another 250 vouchers! So here have a 6 pack of free Coca-Cola Zero/Diet from Morrisons
Not following us on TikTok? You should be go to

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Know any Xbox Gamers? Grab a 1TB SSD Expansion Card for just £129.99 with a possible extra £5 off #ad
1) Add to basket
2) Get £5 off code from

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4 pack of Belkin AirTag Cases for just £11.99! #ad
↪ Not got AirTags yet? Read this >

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🧺 £1.50 for 28 washes - Surcare Super Concentrated Non-Bio Laundry Liquid 👉 (Aff Ad)

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🍪 £2.13 delivered Border Luxury Biscuits Dark Chocolate Gingers made with Expertly Sourced Ginger & Rich Chocolate - Box to Share 255g 👉 (Aff Ad)

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🌷Dunelm Spring Sale is now on! Offers are across all departments 👉 #AD

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Puma Women's Trainers for just £18.50 (was £51) #ad

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🍓 20% off Strawberry Outdoor Range 👉 (Aff Ad)
↪️ Not your thing? Take a look at the full 20% off offer 👉

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Step up your trainer game with these bold Ladies Air Force 1 Trainers! 🌈 Enjoy an unbeatable discount of 19-30% off, PLUS an extra 25% off with code SUN24 at checkout (must be logged in to claim)

Hurry, sizes are flying off the shelves! 🔥

👉 Grab yours now on #ad

Don't miss out on this amazing deal! 💸👟

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📉 4.2L Air Fryer for just £18.75 (supposedly was £75) #ad

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Garden upgrade time? Marisa Hanging Chair with Cushion just £89.99 on #ad

Likes: 16 Comments: 44 Shares: 4

Adidas Soft Shell Jacket from £130 down to £17.99 #ad

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This might be common knowledge but for those not aware, did you know that women's trainer sizes and junior trainer sizes are often exactly the same up to size 6? The only differences are that you do not pay VAT (20%) on kids/junior shoes, there is often less choice of colours, there might be some small differences (e.g. the inner sole inside the shoe is a different colour, or the label has white writing instead of black) and if you have a particularly wide foot they might be slightly narrow.

So these Air Force 1s (left of our photo) are not in the sale but we paid £69.99 for them... the adult womens' version are £109.99... So a £40 saving... And like anywhere online you can always return them if the size isn't perfect, sadly if you feet are above a size 6 then you're out of luck.

The shoes right of our photo are also junior but they're also in the sale so use code SUN24 (via the link below) for an extra 25% off! #ad

Junior Air Force 1 (left shoe) >
Ladies Air Force 1 (left shoe) >
Juniors (right shoe) >

Remember there are over 5000 items in the sale >

Likes: 48 Comments: 34 Shares: 2
20% off over 100 Stacey Solomon Homeware items
👉 #ad

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Asda has a new affordable Baby Disney Pastel range, it includes super adorable pyjamas, bodysuits and sleepsuits. #ad
↪ £6 WOW Baby Event >
↪ Baby & Toddler Event >

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📉 25% off all Tesco F&F clothing, shoes and accessories from today until 29th May. You need to use Clubcard to get the discount.

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Nationwide Banking Customers? You might be set to get a FREE £100, due to Nationwide making a £2 billion profit last year and sharing some of this (£385 million) out to 3.85 million customers.

Here is how it works, you should be eligible if you meet ALL of the following requirements:

1) You must have had an account with them before 31 March 2024.

2) You must have used your current account earlier this year, what they define as 'used' depends on your account but basically, it's paid at least £500 into it OR made 10 transactions OR you moved to them (via the switching service) between 1 January and 31 March 2024.

3) You must have had a savings account (with at least £100 in) OR mortgage with Nationwide (with at least £100 owed) before March.

How do I get the money?
You do NOTHING. It will just appear in your account between Thursday 13 June and Friday 28 June.

NOTE: There are likely scams out there pestering for you to claim it via them etc so just ignore it all.

Note: For most people, this will be tax-free, but if you're a higher rate tax payer or you have a decent amount of savings not inside an ISA, you will have to pay tax on this!

Likes: 189 Comments: 208 Shares: 14
Dove Men+Care Advanced Clean Comfort Antiperspirant Deodorant Aerosol 200ml for £2 plus if you buy 2 they donate a third to someone in need! #ad

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Are there any runners out there? Nike Downshifter 13 Women's Running Trainers £48.74 with code SUN24 #ad
↪ The code works on all these items as well >

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