The best job in the world? – Eat pizza and get paid

The best job in the world? – Eat pizza and get paid

Amelia Parker goes to work and effectively eats pizza 9-5, large pizza box after large pizza box with the odd chicken kickers mixed in and even a pot of ice-cream on a Friday (in our heads at least).

Presumably each day is actually full of sampling ingredients, designing pizzas, mixing combos and then reporting the findings to management for further testing/price analysis etc etc etc

After nearly 3 years working for Pizza Hut she moved in 2013 to Domino’s UK head office in sunny Milton Keynes, so she obviously has a thing for pizza.

Unfortunately after pulling her up on Linkedin she studied a Bachelor of Science (BSc), Food and Consumer Management degree, so for anyone hoping of scoring this ‘eat as much as you like pizza job’ it sounds like it’s not quite as simple as going into work, getting a base, throwing some ingredients on, kicking back with netflix on and eating pizza until you physically have to unbutton your jeans (just us?).

However guess you can’t really complain at getting free pizza all day even if you have a few boring reports to write between courses 😉

The point of this post is that you can ALWAYS find a career/job in something you enjoy.

Which pizza do you prefer to buy?

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