The Rubbish Lottery AKA how to ‘Womble’

The Rubbish Lottery AKA how to ‘Womble’

This will be a bit extreme for some people, feel free not to play & skip this post.

We’ve all have unknowingly helped others play this game in the past, some say it’s illegal, some say it’s stupid but others say it’s free money why not play!

We will let you make your own mind up & we will NOT be held responsible for any of your actions, ensure you follow the rules of the law! This game has been around since early 2006 (if not before) but we guarantee that today many people across the country are still playing it.

Where can I play this game?

  • ADSA* (*we spell supermarkets wrong on purpose)
  • Tesc0* (be careful, only use receipts which have been paid with by cash)
  • KFC
  • Costa

So how do I play?

1) First of all, go to your chosen location (see above).

2) You now have to keep your eyes peeled for anything that flaps in the wind, is made from paper and has come from a computer till, known by ‘many’ as receipts, these potential gold mines are like finding treasure (albeit at amounts from 1p to £10).

3) Each receipt from ADSA* at the bottom has a 20 digit code (highlighted in red on our photo), this code is inputted into this web page where the system will compare the receipts total Vs the other major supermarkets, if the other supermarkets are cheaper they will offer you a price refund + 10% (in the form of a voucher for money off your next shopping bill). So think back to the last time you went shopping, think about all those receipts you may have walked straight past, or the ones left by the tills….. potential free money…. could be worth 1p or could be worth £5.

For the other locations there will be information at the bottom of the receipt indicating how you can claim loyalty points or say something like: You could have earned 25 points with your Costa Card”. Most of the time you can take these receipts to customer services / cashiers and ask them to put the forgotten loyalty cards on your account.

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 23.43.48

The steps ADSA* gives its users on how to check the receipts

► So how much can I make from it?
1p-£200 per month, depending on how hard you try.

Will people not think I’m a bit weird?
Yes most likely but who cares what other people think, remember we all would pick up a £1 coin if we saw it!

Why is it called Womble?
Well the lyrics in the ‘The Wombling Song’ by The Wombles of Wimbledon has the lyrics “Things that the everyday folks leave behind.” a group of people who do this thought it was a good match.

Where can I find the most receipts?
It’s pot luck really, you’ve just got to hope you get lucky, some people have gone to the extremes of taking bins full of rubbish home, think outside the box. The floor, the tills, the carpark, the hedges around the car pack etc.

Things to watch out for at ADSA*.
When a receipt has initials on them it generally means they’ve already been used on the Price Guarantee system, so don’t use them.

What about Tosco*?
Similar principle to ADSA* but on this site . You’ve also got club card point slips that you potentially could get added to your account (max of 3 per day), take up receipts to customer services till along with your club card and they can add your points to your card (up to 14 days after transaction), again ensure you follow T&Cs + the law. There is no point picking up loads of 1-10 point receipts as it will get you noticed, however if you find a nice 50-300 point receipt then it’s worth it. You should be picky as CS/clubcard team can spot what is happening if you do lots of the same thing e.g. lots of small transactions on the same day, or 2 massive receipts on the same day etc.

This should also work for Sainsbuyr’s but will only really work if you find one of the price checker receipts (i.e. they print out a receipt that says your shopping would have been cheaper at X supermarket here is a voucher for Y off your next shop). Any other supermarkets that this could work in?

Please note you shouldn’t take this as advice, it’s just reporting of what does happen, we don’t recommend you do it 😉

Have you ever played ‘The Rubbish Lottery’ or wombled before? Any tips? Anyone think it’s legal/illegal?

ADSA* ideally don't want people to claim these vouchers!

ADSA* ideally don’t want people to claim these vouchers!

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