Every time you like  one of our posts on our Facebook page we will donate some money towards both of the listed puppy / dog websites below, every like  counted between August 1st 2015 & December 31st 2015 will be counted for all posts on our page.

So like all of our posts or just the ones you want to support a puppy on. Up to you but each one will get counted.


DogLost.co.uk is where thousands of dogs that have been found or lost get their photos snapped and uploaded so they can be reunited with their loved ones.

We will support DogLost.co.uk with £0.50 for every 100 likes. So 50,000 likes = a £250 donation!

Guide Dogs / Buddy Dogs

Helping to give people independance with an awesome guide/help dog. It costs £40,000 to train a puppy to eventually become a full working dog so they need all the support we can give.

We will support guidedogs.org.uk £0.50 for every 100 likes. So 100,000 likes = £500 donation!

We will also look at a one off donation to help support the cancellation of Yulin Dog Meat Festival

All countries/people are entitled to their own opinions and traditions however we will try to help locals in China who are urging the end of this cruel & barbaric festival.

Our problem isn’t necessarily with people eating the meat (although we obviously don’t support it), it’s the cruel conditions that these animals suffer in and the fact many of the dogs are pets stolen from their owners.

We aim to donate £300 towards the cause when/if we can find a suitable charity in China.

How can I help 10ways?

By interacting with our page, commenting when you’ve found a deal useful and liking a post when you’ve purchased a deal. This helps spread what we do which in return helps the puppies/dogs.

Hope you think this is a good idea. If you can go one step further and help support either of the three groups/charities above then we would be most grateful.