❤ Be romantic but on the cheap – Valentines

❤ Be romantic but on the cheap – Valentines

Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference, some people just spend a fortune on flowers and chocolates and that’s fine. Others can’t always afford that. Hopefully these will inspire you & maybe save you a quid or two along the way.

Please remember it will be a combination of these + other presents that will be the key, giving just one of these might be the end of your relationship wink emoticon Good luck

1) Love heart paper clips
http://goo.gl/kpUm1 or http://goo.gl/avril
Obviously not a main present but a few of these around the house/or attaching a card to some of idea 3 might be a good pressy.

2) Food that is heart shaped – Think toast, cakes, cookies, brownies, biscuits or just strawberries dipped in chocolate
Few ideas http://10ws.co/1Gesjl6http://goo.gl/JJ0bv
Few recipes: http://10ws.co/1Cq4fEk, http://goo.gl/hkd8F

3) The ‘famous’ printables
Love vouchers – http://goo.gl/at2Cy
Owl bookmarks – http://goo.gl/JZG2w
More on http://goo.gl/BhqFq

4) Change the ringtone on their phone to ‘your song’ when you ring.
Such a simple thing to do but can do wonders

5) Make an app for your loved one
Cards are so 2009, e-cards are so 2011.

6) Cooking at home? Make it special!
– Make a menu (sounds silly but will make it feel special) include a name of the ‘restaurant’, add some hearts and print it out
– Candles/music/posh clothes etc
– Just remember it’s the little things that make it special (cook her/his favourite dish they’ve not had in years)

7) Do cute things
– Make a pillow (not going to be for everyone) – http://goo.gl/Lpe8I or failing that just get some fabric paint and DIY on the cheap
– Hide love notes on pillow, around house, inside balloons, in car etc
– Write with bar of soap or shaving foam ‘love note’ on mirror (just make sure you can wipe it off afterwards)
– Set up an alert on their phone with something cute

8) What do you buy the person that’s got everything? Time!
Find out what they need doing and just do it for them, no questions asked, just do it.
Could be anything, from mowing the garden to helping them sort out all their old paperwork.
Remember the more boring the task the better 😉

9) Flowers, probably roses, probably best to get twelve. Supermarkets will probably be your best bet. Lidl (should be £3), Aldi (should be £5) (see our previous posts).
Remember lots of supermarkets will do these as loss leaders to get you in the door, worth remembering that.

10) Create a memory box/photo frame/powerpoint presentation
Fill it full of photos, videos, items from places you’ve been to, cut outs from magazines etc.
Basically just fill it with things that mean something to you both.

11) If you don’t have a special someone, first of all well done in reading all of that crap above. 2nd of all sit back and relax knowing full well that all your coupley friends are freaking out. They will be attempting to bake for the first time whilst trying to fix a paper jam for their copied and pasted love poem all at 2am trying to not wake up the other half 😉

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