Free Cinema Tickets Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

Free Cinema Tickets Frequently Asked Questions FAQs

What are these free cinema tickets?

How are they free?
What do I need to do?
The film isn’t listed at the cinema
Are my seats guaranteed?
Are these really free? Will they work?
What time should I arrive?
Why is my local cinema not listed?
Do I need to print the voucher? Can I just show email on phone?
I can’t find my tickets..
Do they check ID?
Is it the full film?
It says I need to take a copy of a magazine/paper?
How do I find them?

How are they free?

They’re free advanced preview tickets given to magazine, newspaper & website readers in the hope they watch the film, love it and then tell all their mates about it. It’s cheaper for the film company to giveaway a ‘few’ free tickets in the hope of getting people talking about the film than pay for TV advertising etc

What do I need to do?

Once you’ve claimed your voucher, you will need to print out the voucher or the email and take it with you at the time and place listed on the voucher. See all your ShowFilmFirst tickets here

Go up to the desk or even better just go up to the person who checks tickets and ask which screen the film is on, they will take your print out and you walk straight in.

Ensure you arrive at least 10-15minutes before the film starts as 99% of the time there are NO adverts and NO trailers, so the film will just start at the time on the voucher.

The film isn’t listed at the cinema? or on the timetable?

Correct, these tickets 99% of the time are advanced preview tickets (i.e. the dates/times are BEFORE the film is released to the general public) so they won’t be listed on their website OR on the times behind the ticket counter.

Are my seats guaranteed?

The short answer is no, they’re first come first served and just like airplane companies they ‘sell/giveaway’ more tickets than seats available, however we’ve never been turned away (been to 40+ now). If you’re worried arrive early, especially for films that look awesome.

Are these really free? Will they really work?

Yes these are 100% free, yes they will work

What time should I arrive?

Generally there are no adverts, so the time on your ticket is the time the film actually starts. No trailers, no adverts just the film starts (how cinema should be). We normally arrive 10-20 minutes in advance but for popular films give yourself 20-25 minutes as we’ve seen people being turned away before.

Why is my cinema not listed?

They didn’t pick it 🙁 Maybe next time. Remember we don’t pick the places 😉

Do I need to print out the voucher/email?

The short answer is yes, the long answer depends on your cinema and their policy. We ALWAYS take a print out and have always been asked for that print out. Best to take a print out regardless.

I can’t find my tickets?

All/most free screening sites email you a copy of the tickets. Failing that ShowFilmFirst tickets can be seen on

Do they check your ID against the name on the ticket?

99% of the time no. However if the film is an 18 etc they will ask for ID etc like normal.

Is it the full film?


It says I need to take a copy of X paper/magazine etc? Do I really?

85% of the time they won’t bother to ask, however for some of the Daily Mail tickets some cinemas do ask for them (we’ve only been asked once in about 40 visits). However most people if they wait until the queue of people with the paper have gone in will be allowed in anyway.

Where do I find these free tickets?

We post the majority of them on our Facebook page.

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