480 shots of alcohol for £43

480 shots of alcohol for £43

Drink responsibly, obviously this isn’t to be consumed in one go.

► 480 x alcoholic (15% ABV) shots for £43, yes it’s ‘only’ 15% and yes it will take you 5 days to make (5 minutes actual work) but it’s super easy and very cost effective, split the cost with housemates and you’ve got a super cheap house pre-drink.

UPDATE: The price of these has now changed however they’re still cheap

Now you can ‘only’ brew 120 shots at a time (unless you buy multiple starter packs) but you can always put these into bottles whilst you brew another set, alternatively buy multiple starter kits.

1) Buy 1 of these (best to get mixed fruit)
This has EVERYTHING you need to get started

2) Buy 3 (@£11) or 4 (@£7.96) of these
These are the refill packs.

3) Free pick up from store

This is a how to do it (non official)

These are very sweet, in the past we halved the amount of the second pack of sugar and it’s worked well and been less sweet.

You can also increase % by leaving for an extra day or two, also possible to buy turbo yeast that will push this to 25% ABV but probably not worth doing that until you’ve done your first set.

Enjoy & we expect photos.

Image courtesy of: http://goo.gl/17WD0


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