Tesc0* DTD (Double The Difference) explained

Tesc0* DTD (Double The Difference) explained

We spell Tisco* wrong on purpose, it’s the red and blue supermarket 😉

We always keep an eye on the prices whilst the assistant scans our items but we will NEVER tell them if something is wrong. Why?

Because if an item is priced higher than you believe the SEL (shelf edge label) stated then you might be entitled to a refund + an extra amount for this error. Once you’ve paid you simply walk to customer services and then the fun starts. Both Tisco* & ADSA* have in store policies that will give you refunds + an extra amount for the error.


In Tisco* it’s known as DTD (double the difference)

Example: say you purchase 1KG of sirloin steaks and they were priced at £8.50/KG on the SEL (shelf edge label) but it went through at £17.00/KG at the till. You’re entitled to a refund of £8.50 (the difference) x 2 (double the difference) so a total refund of £17.00. Meaning you will walk away paying £0 for your steak. This is a Tisco* store policy but only a hand full of people use it or even know about it.

Here are the steps you should follow (Tisco* only)

  • 1) Pay the wrong price at the till (very important) AND don’t mention it at all. If you mention it before paying the staff will simply ask if you want to pay the full normal price or cancel the item completely.
  • 2) Read through your receipt & double check you’ve been overcharged.[OPTIONAL] Go to your car and drop off shopping, walk back into store with item/s, receipt and preferably shopping bag. Walk up to the shelf where the item was wrongly priced and snap a photo with your phone.
  • 3) Go to customer services and explain that you believe you’ve been overcharged, at this point you may want to sound a little thick/innocent/dumb/confused.If you believe the ticket price was X and you’ve paid Y, say it might be you just being silly but you wanted to double check.
  • 4) The customer services assistant will do two things at this point, they will either ask you to show them where the wrong ticket price is OR go off and try and find it themselves. It’s VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU GO WITH THEM REGARDLESS OF WHAT THEY SAY. We’ve heard lots of stories where members of staff have gone on their own to check the error out and then suddenly the ticket has disappeared….. (which means no refund or DTD for you) & they come back saying it’s not priced up at all etc….
  • 5) If the price was wrong and you were overcharged the staff member should straight away offer you a DTD refund, if they don’t then it’s time to pull out the facts (always useful to spot the sign, see image below) or at least start off by requesting DTD. Most staff are told not to mention it & 9/10 will offer a ‘gesture of goodwill’ which normally means they will offer the lower SEL price but NOT DTD.
  • 5.1) Behind the member of staff (somewhere on the wall) will be a notice from head office explaining double the difference, it’s not obvious but the near the bottom it states:

    If things don’t add up
    In the unlikely even that we charge you more than the price shown on the shelf or on the product, we give you double the difference.

    Simply point to this, it will explain how it works and what it’s applicable to.

  • 5.2) If staff don’t offer DTD or refuse to give it to you, then ask for a supervisor/manager. It’s not just a store policy it’s a nationwide COMPANY policy.
  • 6) You probably will have been given the DTD refund by now, if not ‘man’ up and demand it, failing that pull out your phone and ring customer services office 0800 505 555, if you don’t get free minutes to 0800 numbers ask for them to ring on your behalf [ALL STORES SHOULD DO THIS]. There is a phone at all customer services desks designed to ring out to head office.
  • Worst case leave (RECEIPT IN HAND) and ring customer services at home and explain the situation and how it made you feel embarrassed etc.
  • Always ask for a receipt!!!


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