The Tortilla Pizza Alternative

The Tortilla Pizza Alternative

Instead of paying stupid prices for takeaway pizza or faffing around making dough why not try this cheap, quick and fairly healthy alternative The Tortilla Pizza.

There are two varieties of these pizzas / pizzadilla / Quesadilla Pizza

  • The 1 tortilla with sauce, cheese, toppings etc (the healthier option)
  • & the 2 x tortilla with cheese/sauce base then more sauce, cheese on top (the tastier option)

1.) Put a tortilla in a skillet / pan and cover it with pizza sauce (tomato sauce / tomato puree / BBQ Sauce etc
or if you’re lazy a squirt of tomato ketchup or pre-made sauce) and cheese. Put another tortilla on top (optional)

2 large flour tortillas
Pizza sauce
Mozzarella cheese
Additional pizza toppings

2.) Flip the ‘dilla over and cook the other side (only if you’re using the two tortilla method)

3.) Make sure it looks like this before breaking out the other toppings (only if you’re using the two tortilla method)

4.)  Sprinkle grated cheese over (if not done already), then add your toppings (anything from the fridge basically) but traditional pizza toppings obviously work well. Bit of salt, pepper, chilli, garlic etc to season (if you’ve got them lying around) and then a bit more cheese over the top.

5.) Bake it at 200c or place under the grill until the cheese melts and it looks something like this.

6.) Let ‘er cool.

7.) Pizzadilla time!

Photo credit >,,, & Serious Eats


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