Voucher / Coupon policy print out for all the major supermarkets

Voucher / Coupon policy print out for all the major supermarkets

Often staff will say they can’t accept a voucher you provide at the till, 99% of the time they’re pretending they don’t. Actually the vast majority of vouchers should be accepted.

Not that we condone telling people how to do their job but these links clearly state the policies for the supermarkets (+ at the bottom we’ve got a printable version of our web chats/emails)

Often vouchers will either be store specific (i.e. it will list those stores), brand specific (only the brand listed, therefore if a store doesn’t stock it you can’t use the voucher) or product specific (e.g. only 200g packs and not 240g packs).

Ensure you read the terms and conditions before using.

  • Sainsbobs* voucher policy > Generally all accepted, more info > http://10ws.co/1dnMEpr
  • ADSA* voucher policy > Generally all accepted, more info > http://10ws.co/1aPtAMB
  • Tosco* voucher policy > Generally all accepted, more info > http://10ws.co/1K1JmJC (Store info > Coupon policy)
  • M0rrisons* – Generally all accepted (some restrictions like 1 per person)
  • Waitr0se* – Generally all accepted (no online info)
  • Lidl – Generally not accepted
  • Aldi – Generally not accepted
  • Boots – Generally accepted often limited stock
  • M&S – Generally accepted
  • Co-op – Generally accepted + 10% off for NUS students at 3,200 selected stores + remember their loyalty card
  • Costco – Generally not accepted (other than their own vouchers)
  • Budgens – Generally accepted (down to store)
  • Iceland – Generally accepted (down to store decision)
  • Farmfoods – Generally accepted, they offer lots of their own online
  • Londis – Generally accepted
  • One Stop – Generally accepted
  • HomeBargains – Doesn’t accept any vouchers except ones supplied by head office
  • Spar – Awaiting confirmation
  • Nisa – Awaiting confirmation
  • Makro – Awaiting confirmation
  • B&M bargains – Awaiting confirmation
  • Booths – Awaiting confirmation
  • Heron – Awaiting confirmation

Downloadable A4 print out (for the major 5 supermarkets) – Worth putting in your purse/wallet just in case


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