Free Wine / Beer Glass Rental (ideal for weddings, parties etc)

Free Wine / Beer Glass Rental (ideal for weddings, parties etc)

Did you know you can get FREE glass hire? Such a good idea and certainly takes the worry/expense out when you’re party planning…

Waitrose – (no purchase required, totally free service but small charge for breakages)

Sainsbury’s – (£20 deposit needed, small charge for breakages)

Tesco (Extra & Superstore only) – – enquire at customer services (cheque deposit, 7 day notice) – Damages are charged at £1 per glass.

Majestic Wines – – £1 deposit per glass (possibly other purchase required)

Asda, Lidl, Aldi etc – Doesn’t offer service
Available in select stores and is subject to availability, best to ring ahead first to avoid a wasted journey.

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