Important Must Read for EE Customers

Important Must Read for EE Customers

Important EE customer announcement + cheap alternative for non EE customers

EE are giving away FREE portable phone battery chargers to ALL customers (including PAYG, as long as you’ve been a customer for at least 3 months)

For those of you not with EE here are the ones we use/recommend:

3200mAh – – One full charge for most large phones (or more for smaller ones)

5200mAh – – Two full charges for most large phones

6400mAh – – 2-4 full charges for most large phones

16000mAh – – 4-7 full charges for most large phones

20800mAh – – 8 full charges of an iPhone 6 for example

Anker products are pretty much the best in the business however their customer services makes them the the best and well worth paying a little bit more than some of the rivals, any problems speak with them and generally they will send a replacement unit to you next day (speak with them directly not via Amazon) – other sellers worth checking out if money is a bit tight >, &

Thanks to Upesh

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