Computer Mice [Which one should I spend my money on?]

Computer Mice [Which one should I spend my money on?]

Best budget computer mice (average person using it for bit of work etc)

A mouse for those of you who work long hours on a computer

There is no real reason why the mouses above couldn’t be used for long periods of use however the build quality & materials used will improve in this next section:

What do we use?

  • Razer Black Mamba Wireless – £90 – the mouse we use everyday (for working) it’s a great mouse but it certainly isn’t perfect, in fact the battery is awful so bad that we ended up having to recharge multiple times per day, if it accepted AA batteries it would be fine but it doesn’t and we never got around to buying a replacement battery. We now use it tethered, decent build quality but poor battery means the Razer DeathAdder is probably the better solution for most people who want an awesome mouse that will last, feels good to use for long periods of time and one that you can still customise (LED colour wise) if you wish

What we used to use / now wouldn’t recommend

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