Free or Cheap Microsoft Office / Word + alternatives

Free or Cheap Microsoft Office / Word + alternatives


 Free Microsoft Office (up to 5 devices) with Portal


1) Go to & close the page/tab
2) Then go to
3) Enter university/college email and it should redirect you. Then login
4) In the top right hand corner there is a picture of a cog, click this and then go to “Office 365 Settings”. You should then see the ones available to you. If you see nothing then it won’t work for you.



99% of UK university / College students should be able to use Office 365 Pro Plus for free!

1) Go to



Microsoft Office Professional 2016 for £9.95 (SNEAKY TRICK)


100% legit (10ways guarantee) Microsoft office 2016 for £9.95 on PC or Mac!

This works for some Universities + Tons of UK companies but might not work for you, if it doesn’t work then check the links at the bottom for free/cheap alternatives

1) Go to and close window

2) Then go to
NOTE: the site URL looks a little strange but we’ve checked it out and it’s a 100% Microsoft, we’ve also tested for you and the software works no problems. Loads of you did this in 2013 and we just tested again on Tuesday this week.

3) Enter your university/work etc email and see if you’re applicable. It will come up with “Congratulations!”. Failing that ask family/friends for their uni/work/college emails, insert their email and see if it works. Get them to forward the email to you.

4) Check your email, click the link in the email & then pay. Download & enter licence code. Boom legit copy for under £10. Our copy has been running for 4 years no problems and we just updated to this 2016 pack the other day.



NOTE: If it asks you for a program code again, copy the link from the email and open in a new internet browser then it shouldn’t ask you.
NOTE: the site URL looks a little strange but we’ve checked it out and it’s a real Microsoft site, we’ve also tested for you and software works no problems.

What company email addresses work?
Various universities, Civil Service, RBS, MoD, Shell, Rolls-Royce, London Underground, BT, Police, BAE Systems, loads of banks etc

Is the site legit? Yes it’s owned by Microsoft, we never post dodgy links.



Free Microsoft Office Online
Must be connected to the internet, inside the web browser.
Just updated so well worth a play with it.


Paid for alternatives

Office 365 for 4 years £52.56 (students only)

Kingsoft Office Suite Professional 2013 £47 or they have a free version on their website which is probably worth a test.

£59.99 Microsoft Office 365, Home Premium, Licence Card, 5 Users, 1 year (PC/Mac)

Software4Students – be careful of the prices as some are inflated

► Free alternatives


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