Turn off Facebook Auto Play Videos to save your data allowance

Turn off Facebook Auto Play Videos to save your data allowance

► Anyone noticed your mobile data being used up quickly recently?
Well it may be because FB has changed your settings and as videos now auto play in your feed…it means many videos are downloading even if you don’t watch them! So that’s huge data and can cost you loads if you’re not careful.

Here is how you turn if off when using 3G/4G data, they will still autoplay when on Wifi:

► Facebook (Android)
1. Open the Facebook app
2. Tap your phone‘s menu button
3. Tap Settings
4. Scroll down and tap Video Auto-play
5. Choose an option


► Facebook (iOS)
1. Open Facebook app
2. Tap on More ( Three bars on the bottom right corner )
3. Select Settings from the settings section on the bottom
4. Select Videos and Photos
5. Select Auto-Play
6. Turn off smart Auto-Play, then you can set your own auto-play setting

Or try the following:

↪ On iPhone, go into your phone settings, go to FB icon, click on that, then on settings and select “auto play on wifi only”.

↪ On Android go into app settings and do the same

↪ On Samsung while in FB press the left button next to home key on the phone then press settings and it comes up with the auto play option.

↪ On Desktop go to the little triangle top right of your FB page, go to settings, down the bottom is videos, click on videos and move the slider to off

Of course that might not be the reason so ensure other apps aren’t pulling in data etc all the time. Hope this helps

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