The cheapest ways to buy Apple

The cheapest ways to buy Apple

► Education store discount #1 – Roughly 14-15% off (Macs, selected accessories + free 3 year Applecare when buying a Mac)
You must be a verified student, either by clicking link from your uni or by confirming that you’re a student by sending ID/paperwork etc.
If you’re not logged in to your university/college then you may only see a 6% discount.

► Apple store refurbished department (up to 30% off previous years, includes Macs, iPads, iPods)
Refurbished (from Apple) means an item was new, then someone returned it (for various reasons), Apple then took it back to the factory, took it apart, fixed the issue, replaced the outside (if needed) & the battery (if needed) and now it looks idential to a new item but can’t be sold as new.


► 2nd hand market (but be very careful)
Always try and get hold of the serial numbers, so you can check the item is A) real, B) on Apples System. To check serial numbers go to or
Be careful when seeing ‘refurbished’ from some sellers, this can mean different things, always ask questions!

Retail companies like (iPhones, iPads etc)

Bidding sites like (always aim to get one with time left on the original 1 year warranty or better still with Applecare left & confirm it on or then if anything is wrong you can get it fixed)

Forums etc, these can often be good BUT they should only be used if you can validate/trust the seller. Never join a new forum to try and buy/sell, build up a reputation first!

► iPhones are not part of student discount etc
Generally, we will always buy our iPhones outright i.e. pay the full £500+ direct from Apple or at places like and then go on a super cheap sim only deal, generally long term this is the best deal for your pocket.

Sometimes you can get better contract deals long term so keep an eye on the big mobile retailers websites.

► Hackintosh (not for the faint hearted/newbie)
Using PC parts to build a computer and then put Mac OSX on it. Google it 😉


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