10 weird ways that people make money from food

10 weird ways that people make money from food

I’m pretty sure if all supermarkets stocked these products, overall sales would increase or at the very least they would get some free media attention. All they would need is a ‘weird / delicacy’ area and they would be in business

Finger Licking Chicken Breast around a sausage

You know when people say ‘can you imagine what heaven is going to be like?’ well this is my answer, just replace that sauce with something I recognise like a BBQ or Chilli dip

Canned Whole Chicken (if only someone made a newer version)

The image below doesn’t do this thing justice, it’s twice as bad as that, just watch below & you will understand. However if some amazing chef like Heston Blumenthal managed to create a better version, calling it ‘slow roasted whole free range chicken in a tin blanket’, got it to taste like those hot rotisserie chickens then honestly this idea could be worth billions.

Surströmming (roughly translated to ‘sour herring’) AKA rotton fish

OK so we really don’t want to eat this but I’m sure we could win a few bets and get people to try it.
Basically herring (fish) is caught and fermented for 2 months, then tinned for a further 6 months of fermentation, then eaten as a ‘delicacy’ in Sweden. Be careful trying to bring it into the UK, as it’s banned on quite a few airlines.sustromming

Skip to 7.30 to see the tasting (not the best viewing if you’re currently eating)

Strawberry Flavoured Grapes

If only all supermarkets sold these small bundles of flavour, amazingly currently available in the UK at ADSA*, they’re exquisite and worth a try.

Snake penis wine

Again not something we’re dying to try but bet you could make a killing charging people £2-5 a shot! It’s basically rice wine + fermented snakes/snake penises…yum yum yum

Edible coffee cups

Supposedly available at KFC in the UK however we’ve never seen them, if only all beverages were served in edible cups.


Turkey & Stuffing, Smokey Bacon, Cheese & Onion and Salt & Vinegar Doughnuts… another item that you can sometimes buy from supermarkets in the UK.
Again I just want these to play pranks on unsuspected friends, is that bad?

Pancake & Sausage on a stick (some with artificial blueberries, yum yum)

Just brilliant. I will let you guess the country this originates from.

The Doughnut Burger

This is even more American than the previous one but we can’t help but think this should be a thing in the UK as well.

Virgin Eggs…… wait what?

Note to all: when you get stuck at number 10 on your list, don’t start Googling strange Eastern delicacies.

In China they cook eggs, just like you would normally boil an egg however instead of using boiling water, they heat up the urine from virgin boys (as in children).
For some f*cked up reason people are willing to pay double for these…. *ok enough internet for today, I’ve officially seen it all now*


Which weird food do you fancy trying the most?

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