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Mesh Laundry bags 1.20 delivered seems good value apply 80% voucher on screen

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Before you start reading this post, please note this post discusses child abuse.

Europol is an agency that among other things tries to help Police forces and other organisations try to locate and stop child abuse.

One of the methods they use is to share images of clothing items or scenery / backgrounds that have been photoshopped out of footage/photos that show child abuse, the idea of doing this is that if someone in the world can help identify the clothing / location etc it could lead to information about the whereabouts of the children involved or help them prosecute the offenders etc.

None of the pictures on the Europol website show any abuse taking place or any identifying information about the children, they're primarily everyday objects or locations, however, even with that being said it's still incredibly distressing to view them when you understand why they're being shown in the first place.

We would welcome your help and support and so would the agencies/Police forces involved if you can visit the link &/or ensure others know about the link:

We thank you for your time and support.


Why are we posting? Isn't this supposed to be a page about saving money?

We all want to go give money to charity when we can, especially if the charities are in place to protect our most vulnerable however sometimes money isn't enough or simply we cannot afford it, this is a good and free way to help without spending any money. Alongside the above, it might help a child that has gone through an awful time in their life and help to stop future abuse which I'm sure we can all agree is worth supporting. Thank you and we hope you understand why we would post this.

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16 x Really Useful Organiser Boxes for £4.80
These are the very small ones, ideal for DIY, Crafts, Art supplies etc but not much more

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BRABANTIA 310645 Compact Rotary Dryer - 30 m £18.97!
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