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Supermarkets across the country have started to put in measures to protect shoppers and their staff, however, they've asked the British public to follow these rules:

🛑 Ideally, stop using cash, use cards (contactless or chip+pin) instead
✅ Keep 2 metres or more apart from anyone else
✅ When queuing stand on the markers, if these aren't available keep your distance from the person in front and avoid close contact with others
✅ Please listen to staff/marshalls in-stores, they're doing their best to help you and everyone around you
🛑 Remember stores are restricting purchases of certain items, don't panic buy and consider the vulnerable shoppers that won't be able to shop again for 1-2 weeks time
✅ Wash your hands before entering and after exiting the shops
✅ Keep 2 metres or more away from staff at all times
🛑 Only touch what you intend to buy
✅ Be nice to staff, they're doing their jobs whilst also risking their health
🛑 Be sure to check opening times as some supermarkets are operating NHS staff only hours and vulnerable customer hours.
✅ Continue to follow advice on and the advice at each supermarket.

Thank you. 👍

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Bahco Ratchet Screwdriver for £9.95
Great screwdriver set that gets superb reviews

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If you don't fancy heading to the supermarkets these alternatives might be worth checking out + at least one is offering next day delivery!

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Do you live near a hospital? Can you provide a free parking space for NHS workers?
If yes visit to sign up

► Want to get a £10 Amazon voucher? Add your space using this link and we both get a £10 Amazon voucher when you hit £50 in sales (obviously this isn't aimed at those near to hospitals etc but for someone that wants to create a secondary income source for the future).

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Koolpak Reusable Hot and Cold Pack 75p

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New + just dropped in price to £14

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