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Hendrick's Gin, 70cl £25.00 delivered
For comparison: Tesco £29, Waitrose £30, Ocado £32.50, Morrisons £29 & Asda £29

Likes: 38 Comments: 91 Shares: 1
£1 delivered (with Prime), we paid 85p with S+S
£1-£1.59 on the highstreet.

Likes: 33 Comments: 57 Shares: 2
We've kept pretty quiet on the whole Covid thing but thought this might be of use and a good way to support local businesses.

Likes: 2102 Comments: 29 Shares: 656
Claim a £100 John Lewis e-Gift card when you buy 1 of 609 electrical items
Primarily home appliances but also cameras/smartphones etc

Likes: 34 Comments: 31 Shares: 1
50% off + lightning deal makes this under £3!
Let us know when it's sold out and we can remove.

Likes: 3 Comments: 10 Shares: 0

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