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Edwin Jagger Kelvin Chrome Plated Knurled Handle Double Edge Safety Razor £12.80!
Appears to be the lowest ever price. Also this one is on offer >

Likes: 20 Comments: 9 Shares: 0
iPhone XR 128GB £499 (Black or Coral)
If you don't need the latest and greatest iPhone this is a good price, just dropped in price

Likes: 28 Comments: 35 Shares: 0
Got a Greene King pub near you? Free Gin and Tonic!

Bombay Sapphire is giving away 20,000 FREE gin & tonics! Sign up on their website and they'll send you a unique code to your email which you can redeem at a participating Greene King pub for a free Bombay Sapphire bramble and tonic. Not a paid-for post.

Likes: 39 Comments: 132 Shares: 9
Baylis & Harding Children In Need Strawberry Swirl Limited Edition Hand Wash £6 and £1.62 of that goes directly to Children in Need

p.s. other scents (not with the donation) on including Tropical Cocktail and Gin and Tonic!

Likes: 57 Comments: 17 Shares: 4
Harry Potter Advent Calendar £16 at Primark
List of locations in the comments. It's not clear when this will be available, please let us know when it's in stores.

Likes: 319 Comments: 1937 Shares: 187

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