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Fire 7" Tablet (2020 model) £34.99 (via Alexa)
Follow the steps on the above link (details towards the bottom of the page).

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Do you know any HGV drivers? Free coffee for the remainder for their shift today.

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If you have an Amazon Alexa device you can order additional Amazon devices with a large discount, e.g. Echo Show (currently priced at £64.99) but with Alexa it's £39.99

1) Pick what you want to order (one of these > and say 'Alexa, order a/an_______
Echo Dot (£28.99)
Echo Show 5 (£39.99)
Fire TV Lite (£19.99
Ring Video Doorbell (£114.99 or £124.99)
Three Pack Eero Router (£149.40)
Eero Router (£59.40)

2) It will then be added to your basket on - double-check the payment price is what you're expecting to pay and pay.

Full terms >

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£130 saving on the LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron, now £199.97
p.s. if buying for a child you might be able to get it cheaper by creating a wishlist first and claiming the 15% off >

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