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Public Service Announcement: Remember scammers are still working hard in lockdown pretending to be Sky, your bank, HMRC, Microsoft etc etc. Please spend some time explaining this (& steps to avoid scammers) to your loved ones, here are our steps to avoid scammers (add yours in the comments):

1) If someone calls you up to discuss an account and you believe it to be a scam, tell them calmly that they’ve purchased the wrong information and could they please delete you off their system (being aggressive will just mean they put you back into the system or worse).

2) Never give personal info over the phone, simply end the call and visit the official website to contact them / check your account etc.

3) If you get a scam call Google the phone number and report it on one of the various websites that reviews phone numbers so others can quickly check.

4) Never download software on your computer that someone over the phone has told you to install.

5) If a screen pops up on a phone, tablet or computer telling you to ring a phone number for support / to unlock your device etc don’t ring it, find your local neighbourhood trusted geek to help out (we accept cookies or alcohol normally and can work remotely).

6) Use alias info (i.e. Fake name combined with the company name) when signing up to sketchy things, then if your data gets sold on you know from where.

7) Be extremely cautious of clicking a link in an email, if you’re unsure it’s always best to go directly to the companies website and then find the link that way.

8) Use a password manager or similar to ensure you don’t share your password with multiple accounts.

9) Be wary when buyers wish to purchase items at the full asking price without viewing them. Never pay an advanced fee.

10) Learn about other scams on

Likes: 105 Comments: 38 Shares: 62
Commercial Grade 3-Piece Stainless Steel Aluminium-Clad Frying Pan Set £19.12 (was £38.09)
IMPORTANT NOTE: The photo show a different set

Likes: 20 Comments: 16 Shares: 1
Bar Keepers Friend Multi-Surface Household Cleaner & Stain Remover £2 delivered (with Prime)
This gets great reviews and is one of our recommended products on

Likes: 41 Comments: 24 Shares: 4
We've got the older version of this kettle and it's decent (so far on 6 years of ownership), anyway it's dropped down to £54.99 and has some cool features like: different temperature setting (e.g. for fruit teas etc), keep warm feature, cool to touch and no drips.

Likes: 49 Comments: 73 Shares: 1
Claim lightning deal and apply £6 promotion credit on screen
£2.99 Travel Bottles set

Likes: 8 Comments: 6 Shares: 0

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