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Start earning better returns (1.25% variable) on your savings (this is ~100x better than most high street savings accounts) when you become a Chip+1 account holder using our VIP code! (Free for up to £2,000 or £1.50 every month for up to £5,000)

1. Download Chip sign up and enter VIP code 10WAYS in the home tab to unlock the 1.25% (variable) rate without the need to refer a friend.
2. Complete sign up with all your details (connect your bank account etc)
3. Head to the ‘accounts’ tab
4. Open a Chip+1 account and enter your VIP passcode (10WAYS), new account holders only.
5. Deposit money

🏦 Your money is safely held in a UK authorised bank with full FSCS eligibility.
📈 Your bonus will be added to your Chip+1 balance every 12 weeks.
📱 Use their awesome app to autosave money direct from your bank account to your Chip saving account
📣 Chip will give you 30 days notice if the % is planned to increase or decrease, and you can downgrade to the free but limited ChipLite plan whenever you want (e.g. if you've used up all your savings due to an unexpected bill)
📊 The Chip+1 account can hold up to £85,000 but they only pay the 1.25% bonus on the first £5,000 if you are on the ChipAI plan, otherwise it’s up to £2,000 on the ChipLite account).
💰 Withdrawals take between 1 to 2 working days to complete and for the money to reach your linked bank account.

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Breville HotCup £30 - ideal for hot drinks, noodles etc
Boils a cup of water in 50 seconds, ideal for students, families, those who shouldn't be lifting heavy kettles etc.

Likes: 50 Comments: 88 Shares: 4

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