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Morrisons are doing 50% off their Full English, Vegetarian & Vegan Breakfasts from Monday 22nd until Sunday 28th November.
It's not Michelin Star but decent for the money.

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70cl bottle of Grey Goose Original Vodka with Gift Box and Glass £31.85
Sold by Amazon UK, 60 Holborn Viaduct, Holborn, London EC1A 2FD, United Kingdom.

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Rent Dune 2021 / The Suicide Squad / Injustice / The Conjuring 2021 for FREE

There is a bit of a glitch on the Italian Rakuten TV, if you follow the below steps it should work:

1) Register an account with Rakuten Italy (you may need to use a VPN here, e.g. or if you want to pay
2) Request the following films (or just the ones you want)
Dune >
Suicide Squad >
Injustice >
Conjuring >
3) Login with the account on your TV or stream via the web browser etc (shouldn't need VPN for this).
4) Swap the audio language from Italian to English

Thanks to Peter.

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AirFryer, Echo Dot + Bulb, Lego Flowers & Logitech Mouse

► Ninja Dual Zone Air Fryer Max 9.5L £186
Or this AirFryer/Pressure Cooker for £129

► Echo Dot (4th generation), Charcoal + Philips Hue White Smart Bulb (B22) £30.99

► LEGO Flower Bouquet £35.99

► Logitech G203 £14.60

Likes: 41 Comments: 23 Shares: 3

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