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We must admit this put a smile on our faces, and it might be worth remembering if you're ever on a train and someone else is sitting in your reserved seat causing you to stand! (Do so at your own risk)

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Set a reminder for this, FREE Wispa Gold Bars (next at 6pm)
100-200 per day available between today and 9th August.

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9 Seater Outdoor Rattan Garden Furniture Corner Dining Set £497.38

Likes: 21 Comments: 48 Shares: 1
Soap & Glory Summer Bundles £15 (worth £48.88-£59.92)
↪ They have other bundles as well >

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£5 off £25 spend at B&Q (online or in-store)

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Pretty niche product but for anyone with a Kenwood Stand Mixer they have this Compact Chopper / Grinder Attachment for just £19.99 at the moment (normally ~£45)
↪ Looking for deals on the machines? They have these:
Save 41% (£419)
Save ~42% (£249)
Check compatibility before buying.

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