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What the founder has to say:

I used to be a poor student, my student loan was all I had.

One day I decided enough was enough, I pulled out my laptop and put by brain into gear. I created a step-by-step process for myself to earn a weekly wage from home on my laptop.

Since then my system has been duplicated across the world, but never in the same amount of detail. The beautiful part is that the system will work from anywhere in the world and all you need is a laptop or computer.

Hope you like it & if not don’t just leave please send us an email with why it sucks!

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We aim to save the average person at least £1000 per year and if that isn’t possible for you then we’re sure we can find you a way to earn some extra on top.

What would you do with an extra £1000?

You’re probably wasting hundreds of pounds every year, so you would have to be crazy not to try a few of our guides.

What sort of deals can I expect each day?

From free crates of beer to saving £143 on your supermarket shop we’ve got it all covered. Everyday is different to the last so it’s impossible to say however take a look at our gallery for ideas.

We hate seeing people getting ripped off

The internet is full of crap, fake deals, spammers & liars. We got sick and tired of seeing them so thought we would collate all the best genuine bargains, price glitches, profit making ideas, hidden tricks, freebies and ways to make, save & invest money.

From stopping people in shops to tell them about online discount codes to rushing to the shops at 3am to test a potential glitch we have a real passion for what we do.

What we believe:

– If you pay full price you’re a fool.
– If you haven’t compared prices before buying you’re a fool.
– If you haven’t made any money online before, we can help.
– If you’ve never taken advantage of a price glitch, we can help.

Who are we?

We’re just a group of like-minded people who are addicted to never paying full price. We prefer to stay anonymous.

What do our users have to say?

“I saved so much money it’s unreal, I check your site twice a day for updates and I usually check out something you’ve put every day. It’s a brilliant thing to do and such a good idea, and I can’t believe that you all have managed to keep it going while keeping up with your lives! Thankyou so much, I’d actually pay for this service I think, as it saves me so much!” – Emma Freeman

“Just liked this page after my sister told me about it, but frankly I have fallen is love. I have already bought 2 things for FREE! And entered 8 competitions! This is a simply amazing page and I am a happy to be follower” – Sam Tealesam

“I check you guys out daily and recommend to friends whenever possible as well as sharing links. I even tried your page with the trick on it…failed at it but tried 🙂 I love how helpful you guys are that if I ask for cheap items you’ll look and if you can’t find any then you’ll keep an eye out. You guys have actually saved me soooo much money 🙂 I’m soooo greatful! YOU ROCK” – Melanie Wilson

“You know it’s a great site when you find yourself coming on to facebook just to check this page, and buying things you’ve never even heard of because they’re such bargains!” – Andrew McNally

“Genuinely, positively and most-definitely one of the best pages on Facebook (out of all the hundreds of thousands) not only for students but for anyone with the intention of saving money. I’ve recommended it not only to friends but family as well, hoping to use more and more of the offers that are posted by the great team in hopes that I can show off how much I’ve saved by using your page! I hope the team behind this page are receiving payment of some sort that they are happy with because this is by far a huge treat to all members of the page, one that should not go unrewarded to it’s creators. Will definitely help in my first year of Uni and hopefully many years to come.” – Puyan Moslehi Puyan

“First time ever that a website/group has actually worked at what they say their going to do. I still have some of those free beers left over! still getting things randomly from your news feed updates! you guys are epic – biblical style epic – oppan gangnam style epic! thanks” – Gerald Gallivan gerald

“Brilliant! got soo many deals and freebies from here haha saved quite a bit of money 😀 keep it up!” –  Devante HindsDevante

“You guys are the best, I’m not a student anymore but am a mum and you guys have saved me a fortune on clothes food and shoes too xxx so thanks.” – Mary Barton

“It’s an honour to be able to thank those who have saved me so much £££ over the past two months. Especially enjoyed the ‘ApprovedFood’ share, as the shopping I did lasted me the summer, and has thus saved me over £180. Can’t thank you guys enough, definitely a students essential!” – Julian Paynejulian

“Me and my housemates truly appreciate your page! It’s bookmarked and checked everyday, you clearly put alot of hard work into it and keep it going always with some right good bargains. Cheers guys!”
– Adam Simpsonadam

“You beautiful lot got me 50 bottles of cider for £40!(that’s 80p a bottle ) that pretty much speaks for its self ;P thanks and will be regularly checking your page :)” – Kalum Hale

“Like I said in my previous post what you guys/girls do is just awesome. The amount of time and money you guys/girls have saved me, and I’m assuming others is more than substantial. It’s refreshing to know that you guys do this as a hobby with other commitments, while still offering a great service. Many thanks, and keep the good work up.” – Adam Copley

We have over 4000 quotes from our awesome users. If you have any questions please take read our our Frequently Asked Questions section or contact us