Staying informed

Do you do an email newsletter?

Yes we do, sign up form is on

How do I setup Facebook Deal/Post notifications? (like you get when a friend comments on your status etc):

Hover your mouse over Liked at the top right of the Facebook page & then click ‘Get Notifications’.

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 12.38.03

I'm not getting FB notifications, how can I fix it?

Please read/watch this >

Do you have a Twitter or Tumblr account?

Can you send me a text/sms me when you post a deal?

Yes (but it’s not perfect), it’s from a third party:

1) Go to or if you would prefer to receive an email instead go to

2) Click ‘Use recipe’

3) Register your details (trust us it’s fine to use your normal details, but you could use alias if you want)

4) Should take you back to or

5) Click ‘Activate’ next to SMS

6) IMPORTANT: Enter your mobile phone number but instead of the 0 at the beginning enter 0044

7) You can edit the appearance of the text message/email or just leave it

8) Click ‘Use Recipe’

And you have finished, next time we post a deal within 3-5 minutes you should get a text message 🙂

Do you have an RSS feed?

We did, however Facebook have removed this feature from their whole website. We’re working on a alternative solution.

For now we suggest you follow us on Twitter, Tumblr and or keep this page bookmarked.

I've got a family member who doesn't have Facebook but wants 10ways deals


I've ordered something from the page but the company has cancelled it, what can I do? Are they allowed to just cancel my order?

The short answer is nothing, wait for your refund.

The long answer is when you buy something online you’re actually saying “I would like to give you £15 for this item” (known as an invitation to treat), the company receives your order and then decides to accept or refuse your offer, i.e. both parties have to be willing to enter into a contract at an agreed price.

Most companies only create a contract with you once your items have left their warehouse/etc (this is mentioned in T&Cs for most sites).

You can do two things A) Complain to the company if you feel it was unfair or the service was rubbish etc B) If this keeps happening or you believe companies are doing this on purpose then please complain to Trading Standards via Citizen Advice Bureau or speak with ASA (Advertising Standards Authority).

For more reading on this read these:

I can't find a Facebook post you've done

You can go to and search our previous deals for future reference 🙂 and you can also see all of our previous deals on

I've purchased some foodstuff from a supermarket and it's off

You have two options:

1) Speak with the supermarket and see what they say, most will simply say sorry and offer you a good will gesture of say £5-£10. It’s up to you if you accept or ask for more. We suggest you ring the supermarket and ask to speak with the manager and or ring head office and do the same.

2) If the item was past the ‘Use by date’ when purchased – speak with as they have authority to fine the supermarket up to £2000 for the infringement but most importantly will check them out and see if they’re breaking any other rules/regulations etc that might effect other shoppers.

I was promised a voucher/partial refund on something but it hasn't arrived

The best thing to do is contact the company involved and speak with them, failing that please post on our Facebook wall to see if anyone else has been having issues. If multiple people have been having issues or you’ve been having longterm issues with a company then we’re more than willing to step in and see if we can help.

Why do you spell certain companies/supermarkets wrong?

We spell them all wrong on purpose, it’s so they don’t find out about the awesome finds we post. We change it from time to time.


I've found a deal that I'm planning on buying, how do I know it's safe?

Any deals we post have been checked against our database of approved stores, these stores generally are UK based with a decent customer service record, what appears to be a secure website and one that we would personally be happy to buy from.

Some posts/links won’t be on our list of approved sellers and for those we will do some checks on the company, website, phone number etc to ensure the website is safe and the company is legit however as always there is no guarantee that the website is safe, please always do your own research before proceeding.

Alongside some posts we may offer additional WARNING messages, here are some examples:

Use alias email = don’t use your normal day to day email as they’re likely to spam you or sell your details on

Credit Card / Paypal recommended = The company isn’t approved and we would not be 100% confident in recommending them or they could go bust and these added buyer protection policies could prevent you losing your money.

If you’re unsure about a company then please check with us, ask users in the comments and/or do your own research.

Can I request a deal?

We generally don’t take requests however take a look / search through our page and if you still can’t find a relevant deal we will try our hardest to take a look for you. Simply send us a message.

I've found a deal - What should I do?

If you think you’ve found a deal it’s always best to double check other places/sellers to make sure the deal is as good as you first thought, if so then please message us on Facebook / post it on our wall.

I'm after a mobile phone, where should I buy?

Take a look at these websites for decent mobile phone deals:

Looking for just a phone with no contract?
or 2nd hand phones >

Looking for sim only deals?

What is DTD?

DTD = Double the difference, it’s a refund policy at Tesc0 where you get twice the refund due to a mistake. More info available on here

I'm after a Xbox One or PS4 Console on the cheap

I've got something to sell, can you post it for me?

We would love to help but unfortunately if we helped one person we would soon be inundated with requests and would end up as a student buy/sell forum. Try Gumtree but with cash on collection only. Good luck

I'm looking for a new laptop, can you help?

First of all try or or or

Failing that keep an eye on as we often post at least one laptop deal per week

I'm after some cheap fragrances/perfume etc

99% of the time we end up recommending these sites for cheap fragrances &

What portable harddrives do you recommend?

"It's my Birthday, what can I get for free?”

I'm a student, what discounts can I get?

See our student discount list for more info

I'm finding it difficult to save money

Sensible budgeting is the way forward, have you seen the 100% personal ‘tax’ trick?

I've heard about being able to leave my BT phone contract fee free

WARNING: Doing the following could be classed as fraud, please check ensure you’re not breaking any laws before proceeding.

“I also work for BT and if you say you are moving to Kingston upon Hull (probably find an address and postcode) you can get out of contract with no charges. Probably same with all providers as no one can provide services but Kingston communications and you can’t hold to a contract if you can’t provide a service” – Love a BT insider.

I work for a company that would like to be featured by 10ways

The most important thing is our users, we therefore have a very strict policy on what we discuss, post about etc.

Please send us an email with some details including a link to your website etc.

If you’re not the best in market price/service wise then we most likely won’t be interested.

Supporting us

I've got an article or story I would love to share

Please use the contact us form to let us know the details

Do you have any jobs available?

We’re always on the look out for people to write content for our site, help us find deals etc however at the moment we’re not taking on anyway. We will amend once we’re looking. Thank you

Can I donate or buy you a pint?

Do you have an email address I can contact you on?

Please use the contact us form to let us know the details

Will you help a charity I'm working with?

We would love to help but unfortunately if we helped one person/charity out we would soon be inundated with requests. We do have our own charities that we already help, hope you can understand. Good luck with it all, sorry we can’t help.

I work for a company and would like to share my secrets (anonymously)

We will keep it all anonymous contact anonymous, just send us a message ensuring that you mention you would like to stay Anon or via the contact us form.

Is there anything I could do to help you out?

Telling your family & friends about us is a massive help but you can also support us by changing your Amazon bookmark link to our link – this means Amazon pay us a small % for every purchase you which helps us no end.


I'm struggling with my finances and don't know where to turn

Unfortunately we cannot give financial advice however you can learn more on