Annoyed you miss some of our updates?

You’re not alone. Follow these steps and it should get better:

Interact with the page

Basically, FB only knows you’re interested in our content if you interact with the posts (liking, sharing & commenting). Don’t interact and you won’t see any of our content.

Create interest lists and add us to one

These are quick to access selections of friends/pages etc that you want to regularly keep an eye on (without them getting lost in your newsfeed).
Learn more.

Turn on 'see first'

This basically tells Facebook that you want to see our page content at the top of your newsfeed as soon as it’s posted. This ensures you never miss the next glitch etc. Learn more

Keep an eye on all of feeds (FB, Twitter, Instagram etc)

Remember we’re not just on Facebook, we’ve got Tumblr, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, Snapchat & emails

The problem with Facebook

We love Facebook, it has made a hobby into a job for us, however when our users have actively stated they want to see our content but Facebook still insists on hiding it in their newsfeed it really grinds our gears.

The tricks lots of page admins play is they post ‘funny’ images in the hope you will like them, because the more likes a post gets the more the Facebook algorithm picks up on it and says “Ahhh little Jimmy just liked a post from I F*cking love pies page, he must want to see more of the content produced by that page and maybe a few of little Jimmy’s friends would also like to see this”.

The problem is photos of awesome pies is something that is shareworthy, as we all secretly love a good pie, however do you really want to let your mates know you’ve just saved £15 on your new pair of trainers…. probably not.

Other steps to increase your chances of seeing our content

First step to ensure you don't miss our posts

Turn on 'see first' to put our posts at the top of your newsfeed

I’m on a mobile device how do I do it?

On mobile – Press the drop down menu at the top of our page titled ‘following’ or ‘follow’ click that and press ‘See First’

On mobile – Click on ‘following’ or ‘follow’ then select ‘see first’ from the options

I’m on a computer / laptop etc how do I do it?

On a computer hover your mouse over the ‘liked’ drop down menu at the top of our page and click on ‘see first’


On a computer hover your mouse over the ‘liked’ drop down menu at the top of our page and click on ‘see first’

Secondly do this (some are optional)

Get notifications > Follow us > Create an interest List

I've tried the above and it's still not working (or I'm not seeing any of your content on my newsfeed)

Please report the issues directly with Facebook for some reason some peoples account are simply ‘blocked’ from seeing our content. We’ve not done this so it must be a problem with Facebook’s end.


How do I find old deals or previous posts?

You can search previous posts from our website, Google or via Tumblr

► Go to and use the search box

► or simply type (into a Google search): <replace this with search term> (useful tip for other sites)

► Use search on our Tumblr

► If you still can’t find details then post on our wall or send us a message.

Get your friends involved

The more eyes and ears we have as a community out there the more awesome deals we can find but more importantly the more friends you have involved the more likely you’re not going to miss an awesome deal.

If you know your friend is looking out for a cheap laptop but they’re not online when one is posted you can send them a text etc. In return they should do the same for you especially if you promise them a beer 😉

What are the exact steps:

Follow these exact steps

  1. Ensure you follow us
  2. Follow us on Twitter  &
  3. Interact with any posts you find useful, a quick like or if it’s better just a ‘thank you’ in the comments
  4. Create an interest list, add us to that list and then favourite that interest list so you can quickly access it. You can even share the list with friends/family if that helps.
  5. Turn on notifications (optional and not everyone’s cuppa tea). They can be a bit annoying but for people who don’t want to miss a deal it’s very useful.
  6. Sign up to our email updates
  7. Follow us on Instagram & Whatsapp
  8. Follow us on Tumblr

Twitter Notifications

– Twitter notifications are a lot better than Facebook – Follow these steps to get them on mobile

or click the cog on your PC on Twitter Web


Scroll through our previous posts with the full selection of our deals in an easy scanable format on Tumblr


From behind the scenes photos to exclusive giveaways is worth a follow


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