Emergency Grab n Go Bags Explained + our bags opened and shown – 72 hour Emergency Prepping Bag UK

Emergency Grab n Go Bags Explained + our bags opened and shown – 72 hour Emergency Prepping Bag UK

These bags will support you for 72 hours if something major happens (e.g. earthquake, war, flooding, nuclear strike, etc.) and it becomes unsafe to leave your house or you need to leave your home urgently (but want to guarantee you can drink fresh water, eat, stay warm and shelter).

Before we start, many people will think these are stupid, a waste of money, etc., and hopefully, they’re right. We hope we never have to use them, but we see them as an insurance policy that might someday save our lives or make an extremely stressful event slightly less stressful. It seems worth it to us. You can also use the majority of these packs for weekend camping trips, etc., so it’s not a complete waste of money.

It’s important to have these ready in a location that the whole family is aware of. Also, ensure you keep food and drink regularly checked.
In general, survival requires building shelter and having water, so base your kit on that; everything else is a bonus. Be careful not to get too excited and order loads, and keep checking the weight of your packs; there is no point in building a kit if you cannot lift it or walk with it for several miles, also ensure each kit has a mix of essentials in case you get split up or similar.

Warning: Locking knives / Guns etc are dangerous and often are illegal to carry around for no reason. Don’t be an idiot with them and check the law for each item you purchase!


Things we have in our bags

The bags themselves


Cooking / Fire

Shelter / Sleeping

First Aid / Personal Hygiene 

  • First Aid Kit
  • Antibacterial hand & surface spray
  • Alcohol Gelemergency-bags
  • Small Toothbrush & Toothpaste (free from the Dentist)



Protection (Air and Eyes)



  • Map of local areas saved on phone + a local Ordnance Survey Map
  • Photocopies of important documents (driving licence, ID, birth certificate, passport etc)
  • Additional cash – Remember banks may not be accessible
  • Sleeping bags – To survive 72 hours at home we wouldn’t need these obviously we store them near to the bags in case we would need to leave quickly.
  • Suitable change of clothes + spare pair of boots

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