Watch out for Lucky Eye Scammers in ALL TOURIST LOCATIONS WORLDWIDE but especially in London

Watch out for Lucky Eye Scammers in ALL TOURIST LOCATIONS WORLDWIDE but especially in London

The Lucky Eye Scam (sometimes known as the lucky head scam or lucky forehead scam) is a fortune-telling scam, the scam is done in several ways, but basically, they ask questions about you (in a friendly chat) and then make calculated guesses to trick you into thinking they know something about you (just like normal fortune tellers), they then perform a sort of fortune tell for you and then demand money from you to reward them for this gift of theirs / pay for their services.

Here are the ways the lucky eye / face scam can work:

  • They scare you by saying something like: “You have a lucky face/head/eyes etc and that you’ve been cursed by an evil woman and need to clear your chakras”
  • They come to you saying they know the unseen/unknown and know things about you and ask you a question, write it down, swap the paper with you, and then ask for money.
  • They give you a piece of paper with a code/lucky word or number on it and get you to guess or say what’s on the paper before they give it to you (a magic trick / sleight of hand trick of sorts) and then start the fortune telling and demand for money.
  • Other reports are that they put you into a trance (most likely by confusing you using the techniques above although maybe they’re secretly wizards 😂) and then demand money.

They often write these fortunes/lucky words etc on tiny bits of paper that are folded over very tightly; this keeps you from walking away as you spend time opening it up (this plays into their hands as they make you feel like you’ve used their services).

If you tell them no they may show photos of children who need help in other countries etc and say the money goes to them, if you walk away they get angry and aggressive demanding money from you.

These scammers do these globally but especially in cities such as London.

How do I avoid Lucky Eye Scammers?

  • Think, sounds obvious but just always take a second to think why someone is approaching you.
  • Say no to anyone approaching you on the street (within reason).
  • Keep your money secure.
  • Call out anyone you think is doing similar or report them to the authorities.
  • If you see someone with a pen and notebook/paper assume they’re Lucky Eye Scammers

Where can I watch the scam?

scamsofoldlondontown on TikTok has some videos of the scams taking place where he stops the scam happening (although nobody seems to have a full video of the scam taking place)

@scamsofoldlondontown new account. Lucky eye scammer #london #scam #scammers #scammergetscammed ♬ original sound – scamsofoldlondontown

@scamsofoldlondontown catching another Lucky eye scammer. #scammergetscammed #scammers #london #bondstreet #mayfair #marylebone ♬ original sound – scamsofoldlondontown

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