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When we first started our Facebook page this was the page that went viral. Since then we’ve added a few more thousand ways to have more money without working.

We originally focused on students but we’re now focused on everyone. These 10ways are a little out of date but they all still apply. We’ve updated the links to new articles on 10ways.

10 ways to have more money as a student, without working.

Remember this is not a substitute to a part time job, it’s an additional way to have more money.

We also post bargain deals, glitches, hidden tricks, freebies
and ways to make money on our timeline.

1) Spend less on food but continue eating the things you love.

£330 worth of food, delivered for £76

£330 worth of food, delivered for £76.

Freebies, coupons, trials, reduced items & smart shopping can all reduce your food bills here are a few tips:

  • Always do a quick two minute search for coupons before going to the supermarket, you can save a fortune with the right vouchers.
  • Learn when food is reduced to clear aka the lowest ever price at your local supermarket/corner shops, *cough* roughly 7.30 to 9pm *cough*.
  • Generally you should never buy small packs/bottles of anythingthat you use often (as long as the price is cheaper per 100g/100ml with the bigger packs). E.g. Tea, coffee, rice, noodles, pasta, cereal, biscuits, oil, bottled drinks, cleaning liquids etc. Learn more about bulk buying.
  • The NHS tells us that “Best before dates are about quality, not safety. When the date is passed, it doesn’t mean that the food will be harmful, but it might begin to lose its flavour and texture.” – So where do you think all of that food goes?The answer is simple, online supermarkets. The largest and most popular online supermarket. They sell bulk products that are all past their best before dates, you will save a fortune buying from them.
  • Only go to corner shops, express shops etc if you really have to or just need to pick up 1 or 2 items.
  • Always compare prices and in your head roughly know how much certain items should cost.
  • Where can I buy bulk food from? Most supermarkets offer it however be sure to also only buy when it’s on offer, no point buying it at full price if you’re going to store it for a few months anyway!
  • Learn how to cook on the cheap, you will be amazed at how simple things can save you a fortune.
  • If you’ve been treated unfairly or felt embarresed tell the supermarket/shop etc. Learn more about how complaining can pay.


2) Price glitches – computer/human errors that lead to massive price reductions.

Price glitches

Price glitch at Tesco’s, giving 1p Lindor chocolate & Cadbury mini eggs.

Take advantage of price glitches, these are rare but when you find one you will save an absolute fortune, also 9/10 you can buy and sell for a huge profit.

How do I find price glitches?

Now that you’ve liked this page you will receive regular updates on the latest glitches, these will appear on your timeline.

The next best way to find them is find out when promotions are ending in store and new ones are starting. For instance 3 wine bottles for £12 promotion is currently on but is ending today, a new promotion giving 25% off all wine is starting tomorrow, if you time it perfectly both promotions may be running at the same time. Giving you 3 bottles for £7.51.

Just follow our Facebook page to see the all the best glitches + read this to learn more about how price glitches work.

3) Do simple things and get paid – ideal extra income – but not an alternative to a day job!

Free beer

4) Free stuff – From beer to cakes, phone contracts to cinema tickets we’ve had it all

Free beer

105 free bottles of beer delivered to your house. Offer now finished. Original post.

How do I find freebies?

There are lots of places to find freebies, from magazines to twitter but we post all the good ones on our page.

How do I avoid giving my details getting to the wrong people?

Use alias details, i.e. fake name, phone number & secondary email address (one that you don’t use regularly). Learn more about Alias emails

You will need to use your real home address but using an alias name will ensure you always know when post is actually for you and not just someone trying to sell you something.

All of our members have had the opportunity to get the following freebies:

Free burger

Completely free meal at TGI fridays – Total cost £26, we walked away paying £0.


4) Back up your life – If it doesn’t save you money it will save you time & remember time is money 😉

Back up your life!

Have you ever lost a phone? Had a computer stolen? Or just had something stop working that you really needed

  • Back up your computer to an external hard drive – This will save expensive repair bills just to retreive that missing file.Full article on how to back up your computer.
  • Back up your camera photos – Saves you having to visit Australia again because you lost all your photos!Buy a cheap USB memory stick and put all your photos on to it.
  • Back up your phone & all the contacts – Stops everyone hating you on Facebook when you lose your phone for the 5 time this year.
  • Back up your brain by writing things down, ideally on to a device that automatically syncs with your computer.This will save you time & therefore money.
  • Back up plan for your car – Make sure you’ve got something to keep you warm, fed & safe.Full article on how to back up your car.


Top Student iPhone, iPad or iPod touch apps to save time (& therefore money)

  • Sleep Cycle – Measures your sleeping patterns & wakes you up when you are in the lightest sleep.
  • Evernote – Store notes on the cloud, access from anywhere
  • iStudiezPro – Organise your student life on this – deadlines, meetings etc – A Must Have!
  • Wikipanion – Keep the whole of wikipedia on your phone, no need to access internet.
  • Photoshop Express – An aweseome free app that allows photograph editing on your device.


5) Play games for money (fun & can be a real profit machine)

Make money playing games

It sounds strange that buying something can save or even make you money but it’s 100% true.


6) You’ve got to be in it to win it!

Win stuff

Enter as many competitions as possible – remember somebody has to win.

In the past, members of this group have won:

  • Tickets to Leeds, Reading & VFestival. Holidays to Amsterdam, Greece and Spain.
  • Massive boxes of goodies from Durex, Kettle Chips, Skittles, Stella Artois, Lucozade, McCain & Heniz.
  • £500 New look voucher, £30 Amazon vouchers, iPhone, £5 shopping vouchers.
  • We post all the latest competitions on the timeline so be sure to keep checking it
  • Free flights across the world
  • Various games consoles
  • Enough free food/drink to keep a small army going
  • Enough Nandos vouchers that it’s effectively a black card


7) Compare prices on everything & NEVER pay the full RRP price


We’ve been doing this for the past few years and we’ve significantly saved so much money.

  • Car insurance – Get at least two comparison searches under your belt.- Find prices on largest non-comparison sites.- Cut out the middle man and go direct.- See if you can claim any cashback on your deal.
  • Compare food prices, never go in blind, even if you just jot down the rough price of certain items to avoid being ripped off.For instance 1 week in Tesco a bag of Spinach was 50p, then £1 & finally £1.50 all within 2 weeks. £1.50 is a complete rip off and if it’s £1 cheaper at Asda then it’s worth the 2 minute walk to pick it up from there.
  • Shop on Amazon? Follow this simple guide to reducing your Amazon spends.


8) Learn about matched betting & then do it as many times as possible


Many online bookmakers offer a signup bonus usually a free bet, as an incentive to try and entice you to opening an account with them. This usually requires an initial bet with your own money to obtain the free bet, by using a betting exchange such as Betfair you can remove the risk of losing your own money and extract the free bet in the process to make a profit.

This is done using a technique called matched betting, by backing or betting an event at a bookmaker and laying (betting against) the same event at a betting exchange it is possible to extract free bets to guarantee a profit.

Remember this technique is almost like printing money BUT if you get it wrong you can lose big!

Learn more about matched betting.


9) Sort out all your stuff, use the hanger technique & sell the rest on.


Get all your stuff out and have a well deserved sort, you need to start off by sorting into 5 piles:

  • Stuff to throw in bin
  • Paperwork that needs further sorting
  • Stuff that is worth obvious money (phones, games, textbooks, DVD’s, jewellery, etc)
  • Stuff that might be worth something to a charity shop (accessories, bags, books, clothing, crockery, games, films, music, shoes, and toys)
  • Stuff that you need/want to keep


The clothes hanger technique

Get all your clothes and put them on your bed.

Get as many extra hangers as possible and hang all your items up in your wardrobe BUT place the hangers backwards (so the hook is facing you).

After you’ve worn something place the item back in your wardrobe with the hook facing away from you (i.e. different to the others).

After 2/6/12 months pick out everything that hasn’t had the hanger turned around and sell it or charity shop it.


10) Help others out & spread the message.


  • If you ever see a freebie, deal, glitch, competition etc please message us with it or post it on the Facebook wall, this enables us & all the other students to see it and take advantage of it.
  • Send your friends along to the page, if they get a free case of beer or save hundreds of pounds, we’re sure they will return the favour
  • Good at writing or just want to get something published? Create an awesome article and send it to us, if it gets published we will pay
  • Lots of you message us saying thank you etc, well you can buy us a drink.


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  • Be careful that any additional income doesn’t compromise your studies or main income/job
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