eBay is full of bargains however one trick we often do is search for local listings that are collection only. Often these get far less interested buyers so prices will be lower.

We’ve created this tool to help you search:

NOTE: The way eBay Mobile works means this search doesn’t work so well (if at all) on most mobile phones. Instead please use a laptop/computer.

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A few things to remember when using this tool:

Is it actually a bargain?

Make sure you’re actually getting a bargain, check to see if the item is as described, has all the parts, functions and most importantly you can’t buy a similar item for less/similar money new!

A great way of comparing prices (especially on 2nd hand products) is by Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 12.43.36searching for items across the UK or within 250 miles from your address, then scrolling down the page to show only ‘sold listings’. This will then show you similar items that have sold and how much for, if the price is GREEN it generally means the item was sold at that price.


Look for ‘SOLD LISTING’ to get an idea on the prices others are paying for similar items

Check their feedback!

Anyone can sell on eBay which is great in one sense however it also means that scammers, fraudsters and people selling dodgy items can be found as well. Just be careful, stick with sellers with 97%-100% feedback with at least 20+ feedback score.

Always take someone with you!

You’re picking up something from a strangers house, in a car park or somewhere else! You don’t know who they’re, who they live with etc etc. Always take someone with you, someone you trust failing that always take a charged mobile phone with you and inform someone you trust exactly where you’re going, to meet who and that you will contact them afterwards.

Generally it’s best to stay on the doorstep to do the deal.

Remember generally once you've paid that's it!

Remember private sellers generally won’t have a leg to stand on if they buy something ‘sold as seen’ and then something stops working, breaks etc.

However eBay Buyer Protection may help you by protecting you however they do have restrictions.

See if you can get it for free instead!

Local listing websites like Freecycle, Gumtree and various online groups on Facebook offer listings of items that people just want to get rid of, you might get lucky on those!

An example of the sort of bargains

Do you actually need it?

A bargain is only a bargain if you’re actually going to use it. Buying things because they’re cheap and then putting them on a shelf or in the garage doesn’t make them a good buy. Think before you bid!

Can we find a deal on it?

Obviously we find bargains on pretty much most things every month, if you’re not in a mad rush you might find yourself getting a deal or even a glitch on the item you’re looking for.