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AirFryer, Meta VR Headset, Garden Furniture and Espresso Machine (ad)

► Ninja Foodi AF400UK 9.5L Dual-Zone Air Fryer £199

► Meta Quest 2 - Advanced All-In-One VR Headset - 128GB

► Rattan Garden Furniture Set £267.99 with code SUMMERTIME10 on eBay (ad)

► Sage the Bambino Plus Espresso Machine £290

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A good reminder (note: quite a lot of these require you to own your own home so not for everyone but worth considering for the future if you do plan to own one)

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Not used the Mcdonald's app yet? Free bonus 1000 points (worth £1) when you do your first order
Not an Ad.

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Samsung T7 Shield Portable SSD 2TB IP65 Shock Resistant - works out at £84.99 when you buy and claim the £50 cashback
1) Buy this for £134.99 >
2) Claim £50 cashback from

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📉 A fairly simple upgrade to your outside lighting but with the massive added benefit of a smart security camera built in! Now down to £129.99 but we had an additional 10% off voucher on-screen (possibly account specific)
Realtime alerts, automation capability, two-way audio, theft protection, control from the app etc all included but if you want additional features/recording etc there is a monthly fee which works out at £34.99 or £80 a year (depending on the options/number of cameras etc)

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