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► Free 20-minute suicide prevention training (online course)

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Many of us know how to spot a scam but these tips are a worthy reminder, especially for those not au fait with online scams and how easy they're to be setup.

- Even if a website looks legit, never trust it, to confirm the legitimacy properly read the URL

- If you're unsure visit the known website URL (e.g. and search for the article

- The fact a website has a secure SSL certificate means nothing, these are free to generate and take minutes to produce

- Is the deal too good to be true? Then it's probably a scam

- Does it require you to provide personal details? Probably a scam or phishing attempt

- Is there a deadline/timeframe you have to respond/act by? Most legit deals are not time sensitive and will simply sell out instead.

- Vague details such as postal address/phone numbers? Probably someone sat in their bedroom hiding behind a PO Box etc.

- Are you asked to keep the contents of the website/deal etc private? Why would that matter if it's legit?

- If money is involved it's probably a scam, don't trust anything and always get multiple opinions first.

- Watch out for 'The Power of Fear', which is where the wording will try and scare you into doing something you wouldn't normally do. Just take a second to sit and think about any decisions.

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You might be able to get free carrying case add both to basket

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Great idea or a complete waste of money?

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