100 ways to ‘do something’ with your mates without spending a fortune (yes really 100 ways, not 10ways)

100 ways to ‘do something’ with your mates without spending a fortune (yes really 100 ways, not 10ways)

Most of us enjoy meeting up with our mates however sometimes ‘lets do something’ turns into a costly night in etc

  • Lucky dip dinner – Ask everyone to bring a dish to share, you do the same or supply the drinks/alcohol etc and you’ve got a cheap night in + easy cooking
  • Book reading / film review club where everyone comes around to your house and you talk books/films
  • Beauty / pamper night in, where everyone brings over their favourite beauty products
  • Find local Open Mic Nights
  • Gaming evening could be your PS4 console or just a good old game of Monopoly, organise it for 8-9pm and most people will have already eaten
  • TV/Movie night – tell everyone to bring snacks/drinks whilst you watch your favourite sports, film etc etc
  • Hilarious fitness video session = cheap exercise + extremely good laugh (especially if you all dress up)
  • Go Hiking / Biking etc, most places have free guides/maps to follow. Failing that Sustrans is a good place to look


  • YouTube Karaoke Night – Turn up your speakers and you’ve got a cheap night in
  • Unwanted swap parties (e.g. Clothes, DVDs etc) – everyone brings 3-5 items they don’t use anymore, you all exchange items
  • Pinterest/scrapbook Party – Pull out the craft box and complete some Pinterest Craft ideas etc
  • Instructables Party – Same as Pinterest party but for those who enjoy electronics, making things that aren’t craft related etc
  • Picnic in the park – simple, fairly cheap and goes hand in hand with games etc
  • Learn & practice 5 very funny jokes, so you can recall them on demand – Note: please make them good jokes (hope my girlfriend reads this)
  • Make a ‘time capsule’ – Basically fill a waterproof container with things from your home, photos, receipts, USB flash drive with photos on etc. Dig a super deep hole and place it down there.
  • Go to a religious service – even if you’re not religious you can at least say you’ve tried it out and you might learn something about yourself / other people. Even some atheists know a great deal about religion.
  • Volunteer together – so many good causes around, all you need is your time. Often you get given free biscuits & tea so not bad for a few hours help.


  • Try Yoga out, it’s cheap and anyone can do it. YouTube is your friend but failing that find a local centre for more hands-on advice
  • Play the ‘left or right game’ – Best played in a car but cheaper to do it on foot, get to a left/right junction/crossing and take it in turns saying left or right, continue until you find something interesting and repeat
  • Pull out the Mario Kart on Nintendo64 and play for 3 days straight
  • Sort each others CVs out, ok we know it sounds like the most boring day in with your friend ever, but look at it like this, you both end up earning £10k more a year because of your awesome CV, think of how you would spend that £10,000  a year! Having someone you trust look over something is a good way of seeing yourself from someone elses point of view
  • Paper Airplane competition. Get a ton of paper, make an awesome plane.
  • Build a blanket/duvet fort – Added points for windows and working doors
  • Teach each other card tricks – You never know it could impress the love of your life or better still win you a round of drinks down the pub
  • Start a blog with a friend – A mutual interest works well, just make sure you both fully understand what the purpose of the blog is
  • Learn something together – using these guides/lessons


  • Play Poker and use sweets as poker chips – just be careful not to eat your fortune! or use buttons/coins etc
  • Budget Food Content – Everyone cooks something that costs less than £2-5 to make
  • Teach each other a skill, like juggling etc
  • Play Rounders / Tennis / Baseball / Cricket etc
  • Learn how to change your car oil & filter – It can save you a fortune compared with paying for a full service.
  • Cupboard Cooking – Challenge each other to cook a meal from only food in the cupboard
  • Go Fishing / Hunting / Fruit Picking (could make your own juices/drinks etc)
  • Make your own kite – not sure why but it’s the most satisfying thing in the world
  • Go dog walking for people, local dog home, the elderly or just your mates


  • Go and clean up your local beach, park etc. Loads of charities are doing it, so why not help them. If you’re worried about people thinking you’re strange then start a mini local campaign and get others to join you.
  • Sit and watch Impractical Jokers USA on YouTube – At least 12 hours of fun right there
  • Find your local markets/car boot sales etc  – from little craft ones to ones purely run for charity they’re generally a nice thing to go and have a look around
  • Geocaching – Great with kids as well – you basically use clues (provided by others) to find secret containers across your local area.
  • Make Ingredient Presents – e.g. glass container with all the ingredients to make cookies inside, boom instant present for next Birthday you’ve forgotten
  • Local museums often have free/cheap days, keep an eye on social media
  • Make your own glasses from beer bottles
  • Meet your neighbours (if you and your mates live together) – invite them around for coffee etc, they can be a great resource to look after your house/flat when you’re away etc
  • Make a 101 goal list or a ‘bucket list’ to complete and see how your mates can help you / what you can worth together on. Complete at least one of them that day.
  • Go on a self-guided walking tour of your town/city etc
  • A mini photo shoot for your Linkedin profile or even your modelling portfolio


  • Trade your services with each other (e.g. one of you makes websites and another one of you loves ironing. One designs the other a website whilst the other irons their clothes, meet up couple of times per week until the work is done).
  • Do a charity event together (e.g. marathons etc)
  • Do a scavenger hunt, make a massive list of items, whichever team comes back at the end of the day with the most items or photos of your team next to those items wins
  • Food Art Competition – Everyone makes something that is ‘arty’ but made from food!
  • People watch. It is quite fun
  • Find events that are running ‘dress rehearsals’, often these are free if you ask. Just call your local theater before an event
  • Frisbee in the park




  • Play a drinking game (e.g. centurion but ensure you drink responsibly and in moderation)
  • Cut each others hair – Got to be good friends for this one!
  • Mini Olympics – Create a selection of ‘events’ in each room of your house, everyone has to complete the challenge to ‘win’
  • Make everything bettable – e.g. who is going to win ‘bake off’, put a cheeky bet on the winner. Whoever gets it right gets a prize / cash or similar
  • Go to a shopping centre and split into two teams, see who can get the most for free! (not stealing! We mean samples etc)
  • Play cards – so many potential games + the ability to ‘drink’ alongside can help
  • Learn about some common scams and how to avoid them
  • Share Spotify / iTunes playlists with each other
  • Make your own alcohol / beer


  • Go and have a free makeover at a makeup counter
  • Use Tesc0 Clubcard Vouchers for a night out
  • Make a movie / start a YouTube channel together
  • Sit down together and write each other a letter
  • Help each other pick out new outfits from each others clothes
  • Go and read the ‘new’ magazines on the shelves at local corner shops, supermarkets
  • Organise your old photos


  • Plan to anonymously make somebodies day, then go and do it and sit a watch. e.g. write a little ‘cheer up’, ‘go and do it’ type notes and leave it on a bench etc
  • Grab some disposable BBQs, head to a pretty beach/park/view and eat food in style. Ensure you don’t burn the grass & please pick up your rubbish
  • Learn how to play Table Tennis for free
  • Go and be in a TV audience with free tickets
  • Cocktail / Mocktail making session using only ingredients in your cupboards/house
  • Find someone that can do a rubik’s cube and get them to show all of your mates how to do it
  • Learn / Practice head/shoulder/hand massage techniques


  • Complete a video game to 100% together, GTA is always a good game to try and complete
  • Buy 2 (or more) BB guns, put on loads of pairs of trousers/jackets etc and then wear a face mask + goggles. Start at one end of the house and complete challenges to get to the other side.
  • Say yes to everything for a day (could become costly)
  • Walk up and down a busy shopping area with a sign that says “Free Hugs”
  • Go and feed the ducks (remember to feed them oats, corn & peas instead of bread)
  • Invent the best board game in the world
  • Go to a pet store or visit a place that is selling animals and pet them
  • Water gun fight
  • Make s’mores (awesome roaster)


What would you add to the list?

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