Get paid to buy alcohol

Get paid to buy alcohol

This sounds like the perfect student job, get paid anywhere from £6.00 up to £50 for buying certain age restricted products from selected supermarkets, betting shops, pubs etc
Basically you’re testing that these places are checking peoples IDs/ages etc and in return you get paid.

– Expected to visit at least 3-6+ locations earning from £6.00 per visit (+ you can claim travel expenses)

– People required nationwide for visits to tiny village shops all the way up to large supermarkets.

– For people aged 18-19 only, however we’re sure your younger family/friends would love this opportunity.

– You will be asked to test a certain category e.g. alcohol. It’s then generally up to you what you buy, for instance; a £1 bottle of cider would be a fine example as whatever you buy comes out of the money you’re paid. It’s flexible, so if you were planning on buying a certain drink anyway that week, you could just buy that. Some weeks you might be asked to buy a lottery ticket and others it might be doing a full £50 supermarket shop with £10 worth of alcohol, so it does vary and the price you’re paid reflects this.

– Normally fairly limited spaces and on a first come first served basis so be quick!

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