Passport Photos – Stop paying stupid prices!

Passport Photos – Stop paying stupid prices!

STOP BLOODY PAYING NEARLY £5 FOR 4 PHOTOS when you can do it for 15p yourself

1) Snap several photos against a white/off white background. Minimise the amount of shadows. Probably best to NOT use flash.

2) Go to or & upload photo

3) Save image to your computer

4) Upload image to or similar and pay 15p to get print sent to your local store

Notes: you can also print out your photo by putting it on a USB stick and going to your nearest photo printing place, will still be much cheaper than the booths

Photo looking a bit s**t?

Follow this technique or find your nearest Photoshop friend to help you out.

Not confident enough to snap your own photo?

Ok why not pay the one off £5 at the machine and then scan in the image to your computer, then get loads printed for the future.

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