The email that will get you a free hotel upgrade 100% of the time

The email that will get you a free hotel upgrade 100% of the time

Robert Gillespie, a 10ways user, commented on a post about how he has an email that he sends to get free upgrades, using it 4 times and getting 4 upgrades each time! 

“So basically search for the managers email, or someone who is in charge of reservations.. and send this email, making minor adjustments, this hotel, the Scotsman in Edinburgh… I got upgraded to a room that had 2 floors over looking Edinburgh castle.. roughly £400 a night 😉

Helen Gallagher,

We’re really looking forward to our stay at the Scotsman Hotel tomorrow night, as it will be my first visit to your hotel. I am writing to ask if you can help us make it an extraordinary 2 days by upgrading our rooms to the very best possible, I almost never ask for upgrades. However, this is an entirely different trip: Its a special occasion with my my girlfriend whom this week we are celebrating 8 years together, to have a large suite where we could really experience the luxury of your hotel would certainly make it a more incredible stay.

I fully understand that if someone comes along prepared to pay for those rooms, we would need to relinquish that upgrade. We’re only asking for the chance to enjoy what you don’t happen to have sold for the specific days of our stay. In return I can assure you that I would write a fantastic review of our stay on Tripadvisor, actively promote your hotel to my friends and colleagues travelling to Edinburgh, and if a work or personal engagement brings me back to Edinburgh, I will happily stay with you again.

I sincerely appreciate your help in making this a truly special couple of days for us.
Thank you”

Has anyone tried similar with other hotels?

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