10 car accessories that should save you money in the long run

10 car accessories that should save you money in the long run

Cars are expensive things to own so here are at least 10 accessories that will save you money, maybe not straight away but in the long run at least.

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1) Dash camera

The most obvious car accessory that can save your arse & your bank balance when things go wrong, well worth spending a decent amount of money on one as it can save you a fortune when things go wrong, here are the three we recommend:

We use two of them currently (Transcend and ThinkWare) and we wouldn’t be without a dash camera these days.

2) Sunglasses

How many times have you got in the car only to realise you’ve not got your sunnies, we now pack two sets in our cars to ensure we can always see the road. These might prevent you from having an expensive accident and/or save your eyes from nasty sun damage.

3) Demister / Dehumidifier

Heating up your car in winter to remove mist will cost you extra time and fuel + you risk your car getting nicked whilst the engine is on and you’re not inside.

4) Car Cleaning Kit – Car Vac + Microfibre Cloth + Spray

Having a dirty car isn’t great for its resale value and allowing it to stay dirty can actually cause long term issues with paintwork etc which could cost you a fortune to repair.

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5) Car Tracker

Our cars these days are fairly secure but thieves are now actively stealing cars using ever increasing in complex techniques

  • Companies such as CanTrack offer vehicle/asset tracking in small self-contained boxes (use code: JULY30 to knock £30 + VAT off the price of any of their trackers) starting price of around £300. These use various technologies to stay hidden but pinpoint the device location when required. They employ ex Police officers etc to track down the lost items.
  • Tile Mate – £20 – A compact Bluetooth key finder or phone finder. This won’t track your car unless someone else goes past the vehicle with the app + bluetooth switched on.
  • Rewire GPS Tracker £40 – It seems the battery version of this is pretty crappy but if you can hardwire it to your car or install a USB charger it seems to work well.
  • Switch on ‘Find my phone’ and hide an old phone inside the car?

6) Window Breaker with seatbelt cutter

These small hammers (yes really) and seat belt cutters are life savers, just remember that if you’re caught upside down inside a car when you cut the belt you might drop on your head and injure yourself, sadly this is very common and people have died from this impact.

We’ve combined ours with these Nite Tritium Glow Rings so we can always find them.

7) An emergency kit

An emergency kit can get you out of a life threatening situation but also can save you money in so many other ways, for instance having a set of allergy relief tablets in our car has saved us from buying expensive branded ones from a corner shop just before a wedding.

Consider buying a full starter set but remember most of the time these starter sets give the bare minimum + they often don’t pack the best quality components, instead we probably would buy these products and store them inside one of these car storage organisers.

8) A secondary power source

Portable USB Battery

As I’m sure you’re aware Anker make some awesome battery packs including the E1 5200mAh for under £15, PowerCore 20100mAh for £30 & PowerCore Mini for under £10

But other brands like RavPower and EC Technology make decent battery packs.

Jump starting kit

In-car charger

Anker makes a superb compact Cigarette lighter USB charger which is ideal to combine with a phone stand or a portable battery.

9) Phone mount

Using your phone whilst driving is against the law now but many of us are still tempted to use them, putting your phone out of reach but visible for sat nav etc is still useful.

Magnetic versions are the best as they are strong but also don’t require any clipping in, they’re safe to use near phones and are inexpensive.

10) Tyre pressure gauge, tread gauge & pump

Properly inflated tyres with decent tread will cut your fuel costs but also help you stop in an emergency preventing a costly repair/insurance bill. Remember to check pressures when the tyres are cold otherwise the readings will be off. If you’re doing a long trip it’s always best to check all tyres before starting off. You probably should check your car tyres every 1-2 months at least but this will vary on the amount you drive.

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