Restaurants could be forced to stop automatic service charges in a bid by the Government to stop unfair tipping practices

Restaurants could be forced to stop automatic service charges in a bid by the Government to stop unfair tipping practices

Unite has been campaigning for action after complaining that some firms were counting tips as part of a worker’s pay.

The Government have just announced a 2-month consultation on proposals on the issue to ensure it’s fair for everyone involved, ensuring that it’s obvious to consumers that ALL extra charges are optional on bills/reciepts and that any tip money is received in full by workers (excluding any tax).

Several restaurant chains faced controversy over keeping tips left on credit cards – and not giving them to staff (something that we hate).

Currently, there is no legal requirement for firms to hand over gratuities to their waiting staff.


Have you done any of these whilst tipping? (Tick all that apply)

BHA chief executive Ufi Ibrahim told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme:

“Empower the customer to know exactly what happens to tips should they choose to leave them.

“Ensure that they know they don’t have to leave a service charge, that they could opt to leave a cash tip if they wish to.

“And let them know where that money is going. But what we need to do I think is to ensure that transparency is compulsory.”

Dave Turnbull of the Unite union said:

It is a massive victory for all those waiting staff who have worked tirelessly to expose sharp practices in the hospitality industry. All they want is what any worker wants – to take home what they have earned, no corners cut.


Business Secretary Sajid Javid said:

As a one nation Government we want workers who earn a tip to be able to keep it.

That’s why I, like many others, was disappointed by the tipping practices of some of our well-known chains. This has to change.

I’m setting out our proposals to make tipping fairer, clamping down on unfair practices and securing a better deal for the millions of workers in the service industry. We will look closely at all the options, including legislation if necessary.

Too many people were finding that when they were leaving tips for hardworking people they weren’t actually going to those people.

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