What happens when 15,000 2p coins are ‘mysteriously’ piled by a canal in London

What happens when 15,000 2p coins are ‘mysteriously’ piled by a canal in London

Jamahl McMurran (@JHM_UK) tweeted this on Wednesday:

McMurran and his Airbnb guest Lana Mesic, a photographer from Holland, had been discussing the night before what to do with 15,000 2p coins that Mesic had been using for a photo shoot, they decided to carry the 16.7 stone of coins down to a spot opposite the balcony and document what was going to happen if they just left the £300 in coins.

First of all a few kids showed up

“I think the social experiment has gone viral because people love watching other people’s behaviours,” said McMurran. “Humans are naturally interested in what others do and how they behave in unusual circumstances.”

A builder grabbed some change for a coffee

Mr Umbrella man arrived and snapped a photo

This awesome guy showed up:

And, just like some of our deals, finally, two guys rocked up and took the lot:

“When you have something like this, it’s almost like a treasure pile,” said Mesic. “Like a pirate with a chest of coins. It appeals to something magic.”

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